My Mr. Gu Is Courting Death Again Chapter 433

Chapter 433 Yes Mrs. Gu 1

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Xu Weilai had made an appointment with Simon to go to the gym last night before going to bed. She arrived at the gym at nine o’clock this morning. Under Simon’s guidance, she exercised for two hours. She was covered in sweat.

It had to be said that after exercising with Simon these few days, she clearly felt that her physical condition was much better than the period after the injury. Her complexion gradually became rosy and she was no longer pale. Her mental state was also getting better and better day by day.

She took a simple shower in the gym’s lounge, changed back into her clothes, and took out her phone to check the time. It was just lunchtime.

The old man fainted at the birthday banquet so he had not been feeling well recently. Hence, Mrs. Lin went back to the old mansion to take care of him. Mrs. Lin was not in the apartment, so when Xu Weilai went back to the apartment now, she had to eat alone.

Xu Weilai thought for a moment, took out his phone from his bag, and dialed Gu Yu’s number.

Gu Corporation, President’s office.

Gu Yu was currently in his office having a meeting with the higher-ups. When he caught a glimpse of Xu Weilai’s call, he made a pause gesture with his hand and picked up his phone. He walked over to the window and answered, “What’s wrong? ”

Xu Weilai placed her phone between her ear and shoulder. She folded her sportswear and put it back into her sportswear bag. Then, she said, “It’s nothing. I just finished my exercise and wanted to have lunch with you. Do you have time? If not, I’ll go back to the apartment and make something to eat. ”

“Yes, ” Gu Yu replied without thinking.

Xu Weilai was stunned.

Actually, she was just calling to ask and didn’t have much hope. After all, Gu Yu was very busy every day. But, unexpectedly, he had the time?

She couldn’t help but questioned him, “Really? ”

“Yes, ” Gu Yu replied indifferently. There wasn’t any falsehood in his tone.

It was rare for him to have time so Xu Fuji was filled with joy. “Then I’ll go look for you. ”

Just as she said that Gu Yu said, “I’ll go look for you. You can think about what you want to eat. ”

“Okay. ”

After hanging up, Gu Yu faced the group of higher-ups in the office and directly ordered without a word of explanation, “The meeting will be postponed for two hours. ”

The higher-ups looked at each other. They couldn’t help but whisper to each other, “What kind of phone call is able to make the big boss interrupt an important meeting and even delay it? ”

Only Assistant Lin, who knew the truth, silently shook his head.

Stupid humans, who else could it be? Of course, only the young mistress’s phone call could make the busy President Gu turn into a ruler who would never show up early!

Gu Yu drove to the gym and first went to Simon’s office. When Simon handed him the latest recovery report, he sighed, “Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu is the most persistent person I’ve ever met. Her recovery is going very smoothly and she’s recovering faster than ordinary patients. I believe there’s a high possibility that her body will recover to its original state! “When that time comes, it won’t be a big problem if you want to have children. ”

Gu Yu looked at Simon and gave a rare smile. He reached out and shook hands with him. His voice was filled with gratitude. “Thank you. ”

The two of them went to a private restaurant and ate the fish head soup that Xu Weilai had been craving for a few days. After feeling extremely satisfied, a sudden news notification appeared on her phone. She opened it and saw that Yun Rou had been kidnapped at the hospital.

After Xu Weilai finished reading, she looked up at Gu Yu. His expression was calm as usual. He probably didn’t know about this yet. She hesitated for a few seconds before saying, “Gu Yu, that… Yun Rou has just been kidnapped! ”

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