My Nightclub Landlady Chapter 264

"Well, all right. Now that you insist on that, it can be only talk about it later."

Qin Feng said helplessly.

"You come here in the early morning, do you have anything else?"

Kang Mingyang knew the mind of Qin Feng at a glance, laughed and said, "Are you still thinking about Xiao Jinhua?"

"No, no, no."

Qin Feng was anxious to wave her hand. "I am worried about her safety, fear that she will be bullied in Tianhe. There are a lot of bad guys there. "

"Don't worry. I've sent someone to protect her. It's all right. "

Kang Mingyang said tentatively, "Xiao He, what a good soldier! But he died."

"Yes, I have often dreamed of him now and always feel that he's not dead yet."

Qin Feng did not want to think about it anymore. Every time he thought about him, Qin Feng would weep, Xiao He could not come back. Qin Feng had to accept the reality.

"Well, don't think about it. I can give you a day off, have a good rest. You can go to Kunyang City tomorrow. This time, on the southwest border, after a long time of observation by informants, Yunbei provincial narcotics squad has identified a route where Sha Kun's drugs exchanges across the border. Their organization was well organized, someone has been helping them for a long time, so that we could not arrest them every time. Moreover, they pa.s.s through the barrier all the year round without hindrance. Entering Chinese territory is just like entering their backyard. It's just too wanton. "

Kang Mingyang said, "I need a reason so that I can promote you. This task is very simple, everything is ready, only owe your command. When the man and the goods are detained, the merit is yours. At that time, I immediately made a request to promote you as captain of the special zone and captain of Golden Special Forces. Bypa.s.s the immediate leadership and promote you to obtain a military rank of colonel."

Qin Feng listened with astonishment. "Is it too fast? No, I don't want to let people talk about it. If I'm the colonel, what about Gu Shaoyun? You can't withdraw him without any reason."

"The organization has considerate about it, you just leave it alone. In Yunbei Province, concentrate on arresting drug traffickers, do not make any mistake."

Kang Mingyang said.


Qin Feng seemed to be thinking about something. He responded to Kang Mingyang and left without talking too much to him again.

He stayed in his apartment all day, and after a good rest, he took some small dishes to green dragon when dusk was coming.

Green dragon was also thinking about dining outside. They drank too much last night, so they preferred to drink less tonight, they simply drank beer and talked.

Qin Feng was trying to comfort green dragon. Last night when drinking, Qin Feng was more anxious than anyone, he winked to Kang Mingyang as much as he could, so that Kang could "take care of" green dragon, but he ignored it, he seemed to be dodging deliberately.

Qin Feng was afraid that his good brother would be thinking too much. But judging from his mood today, he was surely hurt by Commander Kang last night.

Gu Shaoyun was also hurt, but Qin Feng would not care about his feelings. His death or alive was not related to Qin Feng.

But green dragon was different. He was the most important brother of Qin Feng. The only one.

"Do you want to call green snake and ask her to come here?"

Qin Feng felt that atmosphere was a bit strange and he couldn't help saying it.

"No, let her have a rest."

Green dragon could not help but say, "Although we can withstand tortures, we should drink less tonight."

"I just want to come here and have a look at you."

Qin Feng still didn't hold back. "Last night, Commander Kang might have made a few mistakes, but don't worry about it. He didn't mean anything bad. I went to his office this morning, and he praised you. He said you will have a bright future and you will be promoted in the future."


Green dragon didn't believe in this kind of nonsense. "Does Commander Kang like to praise people secretly?"

"Yes. I don't know much about him anyway. But you should not think too much. He's still good man."

Qin Feng was a bit incoherent. After all, when he lied to green dragon, he felt guilty.

No matter how much Kang Mingyang did not believe in Qin Feng, he would not abandon his brother. In order to make green dragon feel better, he had to fabricate such a lie.

But it seemed that green dragon was not excited.


Green dragon answered and began to drink.

Before leaving, Qin Feng gave green dragon the task of going to Yunbei Province and said that this was what Commander Kang himself asked green dragon do.

When green dragon heard this, he was stunned for a long time. What Qin Feng said before could be made up by him. But that was a real task, he could not fabricate it.

"Really? Such a task is clear enough to gain merit. People who do this task can get great benefits."

Green dragon certainly understood. This task was so good. As long as he showed up, he certainly completed the task. At the time, it would be a merit. This was the trick that the military area was good at playing. If a leader wanted to promote someone, you would let him do this kind of thing before promoting. It was probably ninety-nine percent of the possibility that he would win the promotion approval with merit.

"Yes. So, Commander Kang did not forget you, and never give up on you. On the contrary, he has prepared this gift for you. When you return triumphant, you will be given the position you want."

Qin Feng arched his eyebrows and laughed. "How about it? I didn't cheat you. This is also a top secret I received just before coming. It can not be leaked out. Once someone knows it is deliberately arranged, it will be troublesome. Not just us, even Commander Kang may be subject to discussion. Nowadays, people dare to say anything."

Green dragon was flattered but he did not pleased blindly. "Isn't this a gift for you from Commander Kang? If you give it to me in a friendly way, I will not get it. Once this kind of thing is screwed up, there will be a problem. You and I can't afford to take responsibility."

Qin Feng also knew clearly that it had a certain risk, but he chose to believe green dragon, he knew that green dragon would never betray him. This promotion was determined internally. It was almost equivalent that whoever went to Yunbei Province to catch drug dealers and capture a large amount of poison powder would be promoted. To be exact, if Qin Feng concealed it from Kang Mingyang about sending green dragon to Yunbei Province. When the task was completed, there was no other way for Kang Mingyang, he could only promote green dragon.

But when green dragon really got the position, it was ok if he was loyal to Qin Feng. But what if, he was bought over by the new gang.

It would cause endless trouble in future.

It was equivalent that Qin Feng stabbed Kang Mingyang with a spear which was given to him by Kang Mingyang himself.

Even if he took all this into consideration, Qin Feng shook his head without hesitation and said. "How can it be possible? It's too serious for me to make it up. Last night, Commander Kang's indifference to you was actually shown to Gu Shaoyun. Do you know? Kang knew that Gu Shaoyun might draw you to Gu, so Kang deliberately left a pitfall for him."


Qin Feng knew that last night Gu Shaoyun would definitely find green dragon. He would try his best to draw green dragon to his side.

But no matter what they talked about, Qin Feng chose to believe green dragon even if he did not ask green dragon about it.

In short, this was the brotherhood, sometimes knowing that there may be problems, but still not hesitate to believe.

It was hard to tell whether it was true or false.

Green dragon didn't know whom he should listen to, but since Qin Feng said so seriously, he decided to believe Qin Feng. There was only pros and no cons to go to Yunbei Province.

The next morning, green dragon secretly went to Yunbei Province under the deliberately arrangement of Qin Feng, on the other hand, Qin Feng went directly to Tianhe.

When he arrived at Tianhe, it was just at noon.

He asked someone and found out that Sister Flower was busy redecorating Freeman recently. With the money provided by Zhao Jun, the decoration progress was very fast.

Qin Feng just looked at the outside of Freeman, but he did not see Sister Flower. He did not call her but went directly to Tianhe Academy of Arts instead, he found Jiang Xiaowen.

During this period, Jiang Xiaowen was busy with her examination. When seeing Qin Feng, she looked very excited and ran to the school gate.

Many students pa.s.sed by looked at Jiang Xiaowen, wondering who could make Jiang Xiaowen this prettiest girl so crazy.

Qin Feng did not let them down, his strong body, his handsome face, his smile which was full of sunshine and justice . But Jiang Xiaowen came directly into his arms that made Qin Feng a little fl.u.s.tered.

"Xiao Wen, don't do it in such an exaggerated way at the gate of your school."

Qin Feng was anxious to pull her away and said seriously, "Let's have dinner together."

"Well. It's hard to see you. You have to treat me a good meal."

Xiao Wen took the hand of Qin Feng and shook it excitedly. "Take me to have a big meal. It must be big."

"Well. You can have the meal as you wish."

Qin Feng also had a good mood, he felt his breathing was much smoother when he returned to Tianhe. Since Sister Flower did not want to see him, then stay with Jiang Xiaowen first, as long as he was still in Tianhe, he was still near Sister Flower, he would feel comfortable.

Jiang Xiaowen's word was a bit impolite, but in fact she was enjoying the time with Qin Feng.

He didn't know why Xiao Wen liked him so much.

Was she really fell in love at the first sight when they were dancing in Freeman?

How could it be possible?

There were many boys in pursuit of Jiang Xiaowen, and there were many excellent ones. But why was she so crazy about Qin Feng?

When Qin Feng just joined the recruits, it was eight years ago, when Jiang Xiaowen just was studying in grade one in a middle school.

During the summer vacation, her father and mother took her to her aunt's home in Beijing, but later on, because her parents had something to do, so they went back to Tianhe in advance.

One day, her aunt was not yet off work. Jiang Xiaowen was bored when she finished her homework at home. She went to the park next to neighborhood, playing, and then she was attracted by a little boy playing juggling.

Xiao Wen didn't know what was going on. It was as if her brain had been out of control and had been walking along with the little boy. They went to the back of the park, there was no one there. The little brother suddenly laughed and knocked down Jiang Xiaowen.

It turned out that he used a kind of Enchant Trick, which could control others for a short time. It was possible to deal with an ordinary little girl, but useless to adults.

In fact, this Enchant Trick which was considered fail to be handed down from past generations was still existing in folk, but it was used rarely in a decent way. This little boy should be a descendant of Taoist. He came to the park and was just juggling and making some pocket money. But when he saw the beautiful Xiaowen, he immediately started a bad idea, and secretly used Enchant Trick to confuse her.

When Xiaowen was completely stripped by the little boy, when he was about to make s.e.x, Qin Feng showed up unexpectedly. On his way home, he suddenly want to pee. He didn't have time to find a public toilet, so he thought about going straight to the back of the park to solve it, but he encountered such a matter by chance.

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