My Obsession Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Well Planned

This time it would be a confession that would be worthy for the love of his life. More like the only love of his life. He had never felt the need for love from anyone before in his life. So, in other words, he was inexperienced when it comes to courting someone, or anyone. It was always the girl that would confess to him, but he never wanted or felt the need to date. He had this famous sentence he used to reject them all, "Sorry, I'm not looking to date anyone right now, but thanks for your interest."

It sometimes makes the surrounding people worry, like his parents and his best friend. But now that he's in love for the very first time, he wanted to make it right. Perhaps confessing to her so suddenly would make it seems more like a joke than it was real. But this time for sure, he wanted to make sure that when he confesses again, she would understand how honest his feelings are and nothing tells a girl how genuine your love is for them without a well-planned confession!

He smiled as he thought of her, and he gave instructions for Secretary Geng to prepare everything for him. Roses! There's got to be lots of them! Maybe a little necklace? Yang Tian-Xu sat there in his office chair as he thought about it over and over again.

And so he gave Secretary Geng more instructions. Quickly he hangs up, as soon as he finished without saying a word of good-bye, it was just a simple "click". Leaving Secretary Geng puzzled and wondered, but he couldn't give a damn about anything more than making sure he does his duty as a secretary. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Secretary Geng began to work on ordering the stuff that President Yang asked of him, without a second thought. He worked quickly, and he continued his work. As a secretary, he only gets to go home when his boss goes home. So when Yang Tian-Xu wasted all his time sitting in the office planning out his "Confession of a lifetime" he's busy making sure everything is all set for tomorrow.

Yang Tian-Xu had everything planned out in his mind. Down to every second, from when Secretary Geng comes into the office with the biggest and most expensive bouquet of roses, to the moment when he'll take them from his hands, and when he'll turn around as everyone whispered and guessed, "Who is it for?"

In his mind, he would imagine how wonderful it would be for him to take each step closer towards her. As she sat at her desk, of course, she'll probably don't care who's the roses are for, because Yang Tian-Xu had spent enough time with her to know that all she cares about is her work. Staring at that 18-inch monitor screen with a stern look on her face. But then, he'll cover her screen with the bouquet.

Would she finally look at him then? What would be the first thing she say to him? "Get it out of my face?" No... that's just mean! Perhaps she'll be so happy she'll jump into his arms and kissed him in front of everyone! But no... For sure, that would never happen.

Yang Tian-Xu smiled as he wonders about all the possibility. But what he hoped for the most was her smile. He wanted to see her smile. If her smile were the only thing he'll receive as a reply. He wouldn't care. It would all still be worth it for him.

He can't wait until tomorrow to see her!

Yet, in the busy street of City Y, there was a small old cell phone repair store across from Happiness Restaurant. Wang Yi-An rushed inside and asked the owner, "Please repair this!"

The owner lived in Wang Yi-An's neighbourhood, in fact, almost everyone that works in this district knows each other and are friendly neighbours. Wang Yi-An had always been a regular customer here because of her old cell phone. Because the phone was so old, it needed constant repair.

"An-An!" the owner called out her name when he saw her rushed in, he was an elderly man, in his late 40s, but he was very experienced with technology. The owner knew why she came, "Did it freeze again?"

Wang Yi-An shook her head gently with a sad expression on her face, she looked as if she could cry as she pulled out the wrap-up broken pieces of her cell phone from her backpack. The parts were wrapped in a silky blue cloth, Wang Yi-An sometimes used to clean her cell phone screens with, but now she used it to keep all the broken pieces together.

The owner felt sorry for Wang Yi-An; as he knew how much she loves her old phone. After all, he had tried to convince her to get a new phone for years, but every time Wang Yi-An would just get the phone repaired instead, even though it was more expensive to fix the old phone than to get a new one.

With such an old cell phone, the screen would often freeze on her, but she doesn't mind. And at often times the owner would do all he could to help her because he knew how much the phone means to her. This type of faithfulness had touched his heart deeply. After all, he was the one who had sold the phone to the person that gave her the phone as a birthday gift a few years ago when it first came out.

The owner reminisced about the good old times when that young man came in for the first time. He was young and handsome, and the owner remembered it clearly.

December 12, it snowed that day when the boy came in. He was only a teenager back then, 16 or 17, but he was much more mature compared to his own son who was the same age.

The owner remembered how he would always pass by the window and looked into his shop but never came inside. At first, the owner thought that he would just walk away again after staring into the window for a few minutes. Yet, that day he came inside. His jacket was damped from the wet snow. His hair became a bit icy as some snowflakes had fallen on top of his bleached dyed blond hair. The boy's eyes were a beautiful light brown. Almost as if they were hazel.

Never had the owner thought that such a beautiful boy would appear before his eyes... Closer as the boy approaches him, his son called out the boy's name. "Yi-Xiu!"

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