My Obsession Chapter 81

Chapter 81: House Guests

"What the heck are you doing at my house!?" She shouted and jumped out of his arms. She pointed at him with her index finger with her arm stretched out. Then behind him was her mother and his mother, Madam Liu.

"Madam Liu?" she saw her and let down her arms. Then she gave a slight bow. Confused, she remained silent, while Madam Liu spoke up.

"Wang Yi-An? You are Xiao-Xiao's daughter?" Madam Liu's voice sounds surprised to see Wang Yi-An. After all, they had just met today at Yang Corps.

The time was 8:24 p.m., Mother Wang sometimes return home later, and if Wang Yi-An can, she would always try to wait for her mother to return late. Only when she knows her mother was home safe, she was able to sleep peacefully.

Today she just wanted to be alone with her mother. She felt the saddest because of a certain person, the same person that stood before her at this moment. Why? Why was he here in front of her?

"An-An, you know my friend?" Mother Wang asked as she was also surprised that her best friend knew her daughter's name before she could introduce them. "This is my best friend, people call her Madam Liu now, but she'll always be Mian-Mian to me," she laughed and smiled as they seem friendly with one another. "But you should call her Auntie."

Madam Liu smiled at Wang Yi-An, and she nodded back as Mother Wang continues, "We were like sisters back in high school, and this handsome young man here is her son. I'm so shocked to know that the new raising star Liu Shun-Feng was actually her son! He's only four years older than you, An-An! I was so surprised to see her again! I had to invite her over." Then Mother Wang welcomed them inside their home. "Come, come, let's come inside and sit! We have so much to catch up!"

Madam Liu nodded her head with a bright smile as she said, "Oh, we sure have so much to catch up on!"

Mother Wang tried to introduce Wang Yi-An to Liu Shun-Feng, but it seems as if they had already met. One look on her daughter's face and Mother Wang knew she's not on friendly terms with Liu Shun-Feng.

And Mother Wang could guess that their meeting probably wasn't a pleasant one. However, Mother Wang still signal Wang Yi-An and still let them inside. As the night falls down, it became pretty cold at the front entrance.

Liu Shun-Feng was the first one to walk inside to the dining room, then Madam Liu, and then her mother. Her mother whispered to her and said, "Make some tea for our guests, okay?"

Of course, Wang Yi-An nodded, then after she closed the front door as soon as everyone made their way inside. Then she headed into the kitchen.

Mother Wang and her guest were walking to the dining table, and it only takes a few steps to make it there, they sat down. There was a total of four seats. Mother Wang and Madam Liu sat closer to each other as they began to chat. While Liu Shun-Feng was sitting over at the corner closer to his mother, but further away from the two of them.

He pulls out his cell phone and started to surf the Internet. Meanwhile, Wang Yi-An prepares to make the guest some tea all while the two old friends who haven't seen each other in over twenty years continue to chit-chat.

"My gosh! I can't believe that she was your daughter, Xiao-Xiao! And here, I passed by her at Yang Corps today!" Madam Liu started to giggle as she thought about it.

"Yeah, a lot of people can't believe I have a daughter this big." Mother Wang smiled as she watches her daughter turning on the water boiler and pulling out some clean cups from the cabinet.

Madam Liu smiled back and said, "Yeah, same with me. I can't believe I have a son this big either. And all he had done for me was causing me trouble!"

"Oh, Mian-Mian! Stop being so modest! Your son is so handsome! He's the country's top idol right now! He's the new rising star!"

"Please, Xiao-Xiao. I only wish he was more filial. And stop causing me trouble." Madam Liu sighed as she glared over at her son. "Look at him! He made me so angry today I almost had a heart attack!"

"Ai-ya. You didn't faint because of a heart attack, it was malnutrition!"

After the meeting Madam Liu had with Yang Tian-Xu, she walked outside the door and saw Liu Shun-Feng, arriving late for the meeting. At first, she wanted to have her son come see Yang Tian-Xu in person, but he was already so late. Everything was already dealt with, she had to suffer coming to Yang Corps in person and beg to get their help.

She even had to accept an unknown artist that Yang Tian-Xu recommended just to get the proposal accepted. Sure this new artist has talent, but does she have fame? Madam Liu still took the risk because of what Yang Tian-Xu said, "If it's not Wang Yi-An. I won't accept this project."

Madam Liu was desperate, who else but Yang Corps could hold such a huge event in such short notice? With no other choice. This was all because of her son. When Liu Shun-Feng came to Yang Corps entrance, his mother saw him the moment she walked out of the entrance. The anger in her eyes was clearly for him.

"Ma..." He called her, yet she was so angry with him. At the time she wanted to rushed over to him and beat him up. However, because of their image. She chose not to do anything rash. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Get in the car." Her voice was firm, and he knew how mad his mother was, so he obediently got in. Madam Liu had already went inside his sports car, she sat in the passenger's seat. Then she told her assistant to take the other car and return to the office.

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