My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1051

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“I” Song Yishi used to think that although Huo Mian was smart and also easy to handle since Song Yishi was never openly challenged by her.

She truly thought that Huo Mian was a weakling, so she kept bullying Huo Mian. But the truth was, Huo Mian wasn’t weak Jiang Xiaowei was right, she just didn’t want to stoop down to her level.

Huo Mian’s life motto was, if a dog bites you, you can’t bite it back. Therefore, she rarely engaged in verbal confrontations for no reason.

In the past, she never bullied Song Yishi, but the latter went over the top to make her life difficult. Today, Huo Mian silenced and humiliated Song Yishi with one sentence

Huo Mian was right she held a party, and Song Yishi wanted to come to her party? Sure. Song Yishi didn’t follow the party theme and came as a mermaid to steal attention? Sure. Song Yishi wanted a piano face-off with her? Sure.

But now that Song Yishi was attacked, she was trying to blame everything on Huo Mian? Sorry b*tch, but you’re messing with the wrong person.

Huo Mian gave her food to eat, wine to drink, and even entertained her. What was Song Yishi trying to do, accusing Huo Mian of not treating her well?

“Miss Song is the mayor’s daughter, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Perhaps she’s not fit to hang out with people like us. People are different. If that’s the case, I suggest that you go home, Miss Song. Don’t be such a party pooper,” Zhu Lingling said. She loathed B*tch Song and therefore attacked her alongside Jiang Xiaowei.

She waited and waited until finally getting a chance to ask her to leave

Song Yishi’s appearance was the low point of the party, so if she left, they would all have a better time.

Originally, they all thought that Song Yishi was thin-skinned and would leave at Zhu Lingling’s remarks. However, she shocked everyone by sitting in her chair, and after five seconds of silence, she glared over at Zhu Lingling’s face, “Are you the owner of this house? Do you have the right to ask me to leave?”

“I asked for Huo Mian, do you have a problem with that?” Zhu Lingling tilted her head and refuted.

“Does Huo Mian need you to ask on her behalf? Doesn’t she know how to speak? If Huo Mian is the one asking me to leave right now, then fine, I’ll leave. However, if neither Qin Chu nor Huo Mian says anything, then everyone else should just shut up.”

Song Yishi sure went all out saying something as uncouth as that.

To be honest, Qin Chu wanted her to leave, but Huo Mian didn’t want to openly make it difficult for her, because if Song Yishi was chased out today, she might start defaming them as soon as she left South Hill Manor and act like the victim.

Therefore, Huo Mian smiled. “Never mind, since you’re here already, let’s all enjoy ourselves. I treated everyone well, so I hope you can respect each other, and not cause any more disturbances.”

Huo Mian stopped them from quibbling with Song Yishi any further because there was no point in doing so.

Soon, they all finished dinner and had nothing but red wine left

Gao Ran suddenly made a suggestion, “Why don’t we play truth or dare?”

“Hey, that’s a good idea, let’s play!” Zhu Lingling loved games, especially since this was Gao Ran’s idea.

The others all nodded in agreement to Gao Ran’s suggestion.

“How should we play? Why don’t the host and hostess make the rules?” Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian.

“Honey, you go.” Perhaps Huo Mian had a little too much to drink, so she leaned on Qin Chu’s shoulder and looked at him sweetly.

Qin Chu would never disappoint his wife; he thought about it and said, “Let’s play rock, paper, scissors. Everyone gets to choose who they want to play with, and the loser has to either do truth or dare.”

“That sounds good, I’ll start!” Jiang Xiaowei couldn’t wait to begin.

Huo Mian laughed, “Sure, Xiaowei should start, who do you want to play against?”

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