My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1119

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“Yeah, she used to be really gullible and believed everything I said. When did she become so smart?” The woman looked down, scared to look Song Yishi in the eye.

“What a waste of my time.” Song Yishi then got up and stormed out of the coffee shop.

Huo Yanyan walked around town before finally going back to the Huo Family mansion late into the evening.

Her mom and brother were on house arrest, but she couldn’t even call the cops. What kind of life was that?

Therefore, she could only drink her sorrows away; close to midnight, she stumbled into her house, drunk as can be.

The living room was pitch black; she was just about to turn the lights on when a hand grabbed her neck and pushed her to the corner of a wall

Through the moonlight, she recognized who it was the only person in her family who would ever treat her like that was Huo Siqian.

“What do you want?” Huo Yanyan asked with great difficulty, as Huo Siqian’s hand wrapped tightly around her neck, strangling her.

“What did Song Yishi talk to you about?” Huo Siqian’s voice was as cold as ice, and Huo Yanyan shook upon hearing this question

His body exuded different energy, and he wasn’t at all like that joking and smiling man the rest of the world knew.

“How did you know that she was looking for me?” confused, Huo Yanyan asked.

“Idiot answer my question, I don’t have the patience to speak nonsense with you.” Huo Siqian’s hand grabbed Huo Yanyan’s neck even tighter, and she felt like she was about to die

He really didn’t treat her with a speck of kindness as if she wasn’t even his sister

“Song Yishi she asked to work with me,” Huo Yanyan said, terrified of Huo Siqian.

They lived under the same roof, so she knew that this devil was capable of killing her and throwing away her body without anyone ever noticing.

“Work with you? To do what?” Huo Siqian’s hand let go of Huo Yanyan’s neck upon hearing her give up information.

“Ahem” Huo Yanyan began coughing fiercely. “She offered me a million yuan to defame Huo Mian.”

“Defame Huo Mian?” Huo Siqian looked up, his expression dimming.

“Yes she told me to make stuff up, and that no one would care about the validity of what I say, as long as I can ruin Huo Mian’s name I didn’t agree, I really didn’t take the money.” Huo Yanyan looked at Huo Siqian fearfully; she was afraid that he would reach out and strangle her to death.

“This woman really doesn’t know how to enjoy life, she’s really trying to court death,” Huo Siqian murmured as he took out a moist toilette and wiped off the hand that touched Huo Yanyan just now.

“I really didn’t agree, I would never hurt Huo Mian. She helped me twice, so I owe her. You have to believe me that I would never agree to Song Yishi’s offer”

“I know you don’t have the guts to just get out of my face.”

As soon as Huo Siqian finished this sentence, Huo Yanyan was so scared that she ran upstairs with her tail between her legs.

At home, not only did she have to tread carefully around Jiang Hong and be ignored by Huo Zhenghai, she also had to endure Huo Siqian’s threats.

Huo Yanyan felt so much emotional pressure that she felt herself break down, bit by bit All she wanted to do was find a random man, get married, and leave her terrible home.

Huo Mian called Qin Chu after leaving South Side and found out that he was still busy with work.

Therefore, she drove to Ah-Xin’s Ramen outside Second High. She asked for two bowls of ramen to go and brought them over to GK’s Headquarters.

“Young Madam…” Yang politely nodded his head upon seeing her.

“Is he inside?”

“Yes, the president is conducting a video conference.”

“Oh, then I’ll wait outside until he finishes.”

“It’s okay, the president said that you can go right in.”

Upon hearing that, Huo Mian carefully opened the door to Qin Chu’s office and walked in with dinner in her hands

Qin Chu was scolding his employees; none of the general managers of the branch companies had the guts to look up or say anything.

“Resubmit the proposal by Friday. If I’m not happy with it by then, you can all retire”

“Yes Boss.”

Then, Qin Chu turned off video conference and looked up to see Huo Mian by the door.

His icy and indifferent expression immediately softened as he gestured at her. “Mian come here.”

Ever since they got married, Qin Chu had been calling her ‘Honey’ instead of ‘Mian’. Every time Mr. Qin called her the latter nickname, it meant he was plotting something. Therefore, Huo Mian cautiously made her way over to him.

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