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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1127

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“Do you know about the underground force – the Green Tiger Gang?”

“I’ve heard about them, they own underground casinos and work as loan sharks, right?” Qin Chu was aware of the gangs in C City.

“Yeah, but they’re infamous and are therefore usually ignored by the other gangs. I heard that their boss, who’s Russian, constantly sends them money to hire puppet members. Apparently, their newly-completed casino, the biggest one yet, had an explosion during the fireworks at the opening ceremony, and a lot of people got hurt. Their big boss, Hongji died at the scene”

“Really? Why haven’t I heard anything about it?” Qin Chu asked, a little surprised.

“Because the police sealed off this information They also refused to outsource the investigation. Local news outlets only reported on the fireworks incident, but according to my findings, some super dynamite called HKN5 was placed inside their casino, so it was definitely intentional At the same time, a group of unknown individuals left the city in a helicopter, and I wasn’t able to identify them or obtain information on that helicopter, which is really weird.”

“Even you couldn’t identify them?” Qin Chu was now more surprised than ever.

“Yeah, even me. So I was thinking do you think that group of people has anything to do with Huo Mian being followed?”

“I don’t think so she would never offend powerful people like them,” Qin Chu said slowly, and Rick replied, “That’s for the best. Anyways, I was just making a guess Go back to what you’re doing, let’s talk later.”

Then, Rick hung up the phone, leaving Qin Chu’s emotions all over the place

It would make things much more complicated if Huo Mian had something to do with the people behind the explosion.

Those people were capable of quietly bombing an underground casino and then flying off in an unidentifiable helicopter.

Being followed by them felt unreal and horrifying.

“Boss, Mayor Cai asked us to stay for dinner, he already made reservations” Assistant Yang reminded Qin Chu, who looked down at his watch; it was almost 6 PM, and he promised his wife that he was going to watch a movie with her at eight.

Therefore he shook his head. “Tell him we’ll have dinner next time.”

“Um okay.”

It wasn’t the first time the president stubbornly declined a chance to dine with the mayor of a city.

Yang knew that no matter how important and powerful someone was, to Qin Chu, he or she was nothing compared to the Young Madam.

Therefore, he immediately called Mayor Cai’s assistant, and the two of them took a private plane home.

Before he got onto the plane, Qin Chu sent Huo Mian a WeChat message, “Honey, I’m boarding the plane, and I will arrive at about 8:30 PM. You can buy tickets now”

Huo Mian’s lips curled into a smile upon seeing this message, making Yang Meirong curious. “Mian, what are you smiling about?”

“Oh nothing.” Huo Mian put down her phone and continued eating.

“Cousin Mian” Yang Xiuping quietly said.


“Are you okay with the food?”

“Oh, it’s not bad.”

“Xiuping made all these dishes. She may be young, but she can do anything. At home, she helps your uncle cut crops and corn, and even takes care of the livestock. She’s also a great chef, I think she’ll make a fine wife in the future.” It was obvious that Yang Meirong liked her only niece since she kept on complimenting her.

Truth be told, Huo Mian felt nothing towards this young girl she didn’t like her, nor did she dislike her.

“Yeah, she would,” Huo Mian smiled and chimed in; she didn’t want to rain on her mother’s parade

“Mian, do you need a maid at home? I’m not working right now Auntie said your mansion is really big and pretty, I’m sure you can use some extra hands. Can I come work for you? I can literally do anything,” Yang Xiuping suddenly asked, startling Huo Mian

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