My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1180

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“Umit’s just to pass the time, I don’t really like playing it,” Huo Mian said cautiously as she moved up on the couch, creating a safe distance between him and herself. He might be a superstar, but still, she didn’t know him well.

The truth was, Jiang Ye’s attention had been on Huo Mian for a while.

Every woman in the room had dressed to impress; they were either wearing elegant evening gowns or sexy cocktail dresses.

They all had delicate makeup on, and everyone was prettier than the next

Huo Mian, on the other hand, had zero makeup on and was wearing glasses and a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. Her presence was a little out of place.

Huo Mian didn’t dress like that to attract attention; after all, she wasn’t a celebrity and there weren’t reporters around, so she didn’t feel the need to slather on makeup and look all fancy.

Moreover, Huo Mian hated business and social gatherings, but ever since she married Qin Chu, she had no choice to tag along with him to some events.

In reality, she was just a simple woman who liked to spend time with her family, husband, and friends.

She would rather have coffee with Zhu Lingling and Jiang Xiaowei than attend 10 parties.

She would rather enjoy a simple dinner with her mother and Qin Chu than attend 100 celebrations.

However, most of the time Huo Mian didn’t have much of a choice. As Qin Chu’s wife and GK’s Young Madam, there were gatherings that she couldn’t miss.

Today, she was here to keep Qin Chu company; at the same time, she also wanted to see if there were any manipulative b!tches who wanted to declare war against her.

That way, she would be able to fight off each and every one of them

She never thought that a superstar like Jiang Ye would take notice in her because of what she was wearing.

Jiang Ye, on the other hand, saw Huo Mian not because of her beauty, since compared to the female celebrities present, she was more ordinary than ordinary.

He noticed her because she looked real, like the girl next door, and gave him a sense of familiarity.

After Jiang Ye talked to Qin Chu about work, he also had some drinks with a few celebrities.

Then, he glanced around the room randomly and immediately saw a girl playing with her phone, her head so lowered that her nose was about to touch the screen.

With countless A-list celebrities present, who had the time to play with their phone? Everyone was huddled up in groups, either taking photos, drinking, sucking up, or uploading updates onto their WeChat friend circles.

Therefore, Jiang Ye was interested in the woman who was dumb enough to play with her phone alone in a dark little corner.

He watched Huo Mian for a minute, but she never looked up, so he could only see half of her face.

Curious, he pretended to go to the bathroom in an attempt to get close to her and talk to her.

When he opened his mouth, that woman looked up; as expected, she wasn’t jaw-droppingly beautiful, but her features were pretty and delicate.

Jiang Ye had been in the entertainment industry for years; he had had more girlfriends and friends with benefits than his fingers could count.

However, he couldn’t bring himself to fall in love with any of them, and that was why he was close to forty and still unmarried.

To increase viewership, some tabloids even defamed him by saying that his sexual orientation had changed

The truth was, Jiang Ye liked women, but he was sick of generic-looking celebrities.

He didn’t even want to look at them anymore

He was also sick of scheming university girls who tried to get in bed with him since he felt like he was more calculating that those women could ever be.

Thus, he couldn’t help but walk up to Huo Mian, who actually piqued his interest.

“Are you one of GK’s celebrities? I’ve never seen you on TV, have you debuted yet?” amused, Jiang Ye asked Huo Mian as he looked at her.

When women saw him, their first reactions would either be to get close to him or scream in excitement.

Huo Mian, however, instinctively moved away from him, as if she didn’t want to sit close to him. Jiang Ye smiled, thinking that she was an interesting woman. He was almost 40, and it’s been a while since he met a woman like her.

Was she afraid that he would harass her? Who was she kidding? He was a domestic superstar!

Huo Mian felt awkward that Jiang Ye thought she was a GK celebrity

However, it wasn’t Jiang Ye’s fault, since he wasn’t from C City and rarely paid attention to local news. It was normal for him not to know that President Qin had a wife he loved very much, and that wife was her.

“Um I’m actually” Huo Mian opened her mouth, wanting to tell him who she was.

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