My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1186

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“I’m not embarrassed by you, I just don’t want others to hit on you.”

Huo Mian fell silent…

“Huh? I wasn’t bothered by all those women flirting with you, okay?”

“No, the ones I attract are garbage and flies, but you attract hardcore fans. They’re scary,” Qin Chu immediately rebutted, leaving Huo Mian at a loss for words.

Huo Mian actually had nothing to say back, because it was indeed true. Mr. Qin was quite on point…

That night, the two of them went to bed early.

Mo Xue’er left Seductive Fox early and went to Huo Siqian’s private mansion.

After the two did their business, Huo Siqian leaned against the bed frame and smoked.

Sleeping with Mo Xue’er was completely biological fulfillment, it was him getting it out of the system.

Compared to other bimbos, Mo Xue’er was smart and good in bed. She was his first choice when it came to sex.

“What’s on your mind? You look so out of it.” Mo Xue’er extended her hand and stroked Huo Siqian’s sexy chest.

Her index finger drew circles over his heart, and this wasn’t her first rodeo.

“Nothing.” After answering in a low voice, he took another puff of his cigarette.

“Huo Mian was at tonight’s party,” Mo Xue’er took the initiative to say.


“Mhm, she was super funny Actually, I think she does it on purpose most times.”

“Does what on purpose?” Huo Siqian inquisitively looked down at Mo Xue’er.

“I think that she’s purposefully presenting herself like that. It was an important event, and all of us wore evening gowns and dresses. But, Huo Mian came in wearing a funny Mickey Mouse sweater, you know? It didn’t fit the situation at all, so it attracted more attention. We all became accessories to her.”

“So, you guys have worse taste than her,” Huo Siqian faintly laughed.

Unconvinced, Mo Xue’er argued, “I think Huo Mian is a schemer, really. She must’ve worn that for attention, and she sat so far away from President Qin. She definitely did it on purpose, she did that to capture Jiang Ye’s attention.”

“Jiang Ye?” Huo Siqian paused again.

“Yeah, don’t you know, he’s the award-winning actor”

“Of course I know him, you guys used to be friends with benefits.” Huo Siqian mockingly smiled.

Mo Xue’er seemed uncomfortable and awkwardly smiled…

Then, she acted coy and said, “Eh, don’t talk about that anymore, okay? That was before, he took the opportunity when I was devastated that you were with another woman. You know that I have no feelings for him, right?”

“It’s unfortunate that I have no interest in your relationship with him. What’s his problem? Is he into my Huo Mian?” Huo Siqian possessively called Huo Mian “his”, making their relationship seem more than it was.

Mo Xue’er was a little jealous and replied, “Yeah, of course, he would notice her since she was dressed like that. I have no doubt that she would invoke a man’s desire to dominate if she paid no attention to anyone, wore weird clothes, and played on her phone as if she was better than anyone else. She’s got guts, flirting with other men in front of President Qin.”

Hearing that made Huo Siqian’s face drop. He raised his hand and removed Mo Xue’er’s hand impolitely.

“How do you know that she’s flirting with Jiang Ye, and not the other way around?”

“Why would Jiang Ye do that? He’s a superstar, how could he be interested in a bimbo? The only explanation is that she did it on purpose to attract his attention.”

At that moment, Huo Siqian narrowed his eyes and squeezed Mo Xue’er’s chin with medium force.

“You seem to be hostile towards my Mian?”

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