My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1233

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“Allow me to interrupt you and clarify. I never pretended to be innocent. Sure, I’m manipulative, but unlike you, I’m actually good at it. Your mask is too easily removed, even I’m embarrassed for you. You said I don’t have the right to show off. You’re right, but what about you? If your daddy wasn’t Mayor Song, do you think you would’ve gotten this far in life just with your celebrity-like appearance? There’re so many beautiful women on this earth, even the escorts at Seductive Fox are prettier than you are. What I’m trying to say is, you should really thank your dad. Without him, you’re not even good enough to be an escort at Seductive Fox. Therefore, stop overestimating yourself. You can be shameless, but you have to know what you’re made of.”

Huo Mian never lost in verbal confrontations, it just depended on whether she wanted to win.

Even sharp-tongued people like Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling had to admit defeat in front of her.

Therefore, Song Yishi’s attempt to vent her anger out on Huo Mian completely backfired

Huo Mian never swore, nor did she curse at others’ parents.

However, her words still hurt like daggers. Plus, they were much more elegant than Song Yishi’s crude curses.

“Huo Mian, let me tell you, I’m not giving up on Qin Chu, even if I marry Huo Siqian. Trust me when I say that as long as I’m alive, you and Qin Chu will never enjoy a day of peace!” Song Yishi knew she couldn’t beat Huo Mian, so she began threatening her.

Huo Mian, however, calmly glanced at her before replying, “It seems like I should pray to God for you to die then you being alive will do me and my husband zero good”

“You” If Song Yishi suffered from heart conditions, she would’ve dropped dead to the floor by now.

People who dared to challenge Huo Mian had to have a strong-enough heart

Song Yishi was quickly defeated and at a loss for words. “You’re more bark than bite, I’m not going to compete with you in words. Let’s see who smiles until the very end just wait for it.”

“In the future, please remember our bet and avoid me. Or else I can recover that deleted video any time I want You’ve been so popular and you are all over the news recently, what’s one more scandal?”

“Don’t you dare”

“Don’t tempt me, really. There’s nothing I can’t do, only things you can’t think of,” Huo Mian chuckled.

Song Yishi turned around in a fury and slammed Huo Mian’s office door with a ‘bang’ behind her.

“Chief, what happened, was a patient causing you trouble?” Worried, Chen Jie walked in.

“Yeah, she’s crazy, don’t worry about it.” Huo Mian was obviously unconcerned; she wasn’t even angry that Song Yishi came to pick on her.

Upon seeing that Huo Mian was fine, Chen Jie nodded and went back to work.

Huo Mian’s morning ended a little earlier, so the cafeteria wasn’t yet open. Therefore, she sat back on her chair and began scrolling through WeChat and Weibo.

So many people in her WeChat have been talking about Huo Siqian and Song Yishi that she didn’t even want to comment. Therefore, she logged onto Weibo and realized that just a few minutes ago, someone sent her a private message.

It was from Jian Tong

Huo Mian didn’t know Jian Tong personally but she had heard of her since Imperial Star had been heavily promoting her for a while now.

The TV shows and movies she starred in were very well received, and her popularity was almost comparable to superstars like Mo Xue’er.

Rumor has it that there’s something going on between Jian Tong and Young Master Su, that’s how she climbed to the top so quickly and was never forced to sleep with a director.

All Jian Tong sent Huo Mian was, “I envy you, very much.”

Confused, Huo Mian replied, “Did you send this to the wrong person?”

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