My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1235

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Su Yu’s words were extremely depressing

He may have a short temper, but Su Yu graduated at the top of his class at the military academy and was a well-educated man.

Therefore, his occasional emotional posts were a sight for sore eyes.

Upon seeing this post, Huo Mian fell silent.

Then, Jian Tong sent her a photo of Su Yu that someone took of him when he wasn’t paying attention.

He stood beside Grandpa Su in his army uniform his skin was tanned but his expression was still as determined as ever.

Huo Mian didn’t reply

Jian Tong quickly sent her another message. “Perhaps you think Qin Chu is unique and precious, but I want to tell you, so is President Su.”

After a few seconds of silence, Huo Mian typed, “But I have Qin Chu already, so it doesn’t matter how great other men are. They have nothing to do with me.”

“So, are you never going to give President Su a chance?”

Huo Mian didn’t reply, because her answer was obvious.

Jian Tong’s question was pointless

After a minute of pondering, Huo Mian also updated her Weibo status.

She wrote, “If it’s friendship, then just be friends. Don’t be greedy because love is too extreme you’re either a lifetime of lovers or a lifetime of strangers, there’s no ‘in between’.”

Huo Mian’s post was obviously for Su Yu’s sake She hoped that he would understand what she was trying to say and let her go.

Indeed, upon seeing Huo Mian’s post, Su Yu’s emotions became complicated.

She was right he was greedy for wanting Huo Mian for life It was such an unattainable luxury

“Young Master the commander said that lunch is ready,” one of the lieutenants walked up to Su Yu and said to him.

Su Yu nodded, put away his phone, and quickly headed towards the military base

Since he was away from the city and was literally tens of thousands of miles away from that girl, he originally thought that he wouldn’t miss her anymore. However, he overestimated himself, because he missed her more than ever.

His head was constantly filled with Huo Mian when she was angry and happy even how cute she looked when she was hard at work.

Whenever he called Wei Liao, he would pretend to casually ask about Huo Mian.

However, the latter didn’t want to disclose too much information, so he often played dumb and dodged Su Yu’s questions, causing him to become more curious than ever.

He wanted to go back to C City right away, but this inspection was going to last for at least three weeks. Plus, there was no way his grandpa would let him go home by himself.

That night, Qin Chu’s car was waiting promptly outside the hospital when Huo Mian got off work.

Ever since her car was sent to the shop, Qin Chu became her designated driver, never once complaining

Song Yixuan had compensated her with enough to buy a brand new sports car. Or, with the current balance in her bank account, she could buy one much more expensive and luxurious than her old Audi R8.

But she didn’t

First of all, Huo Mian wasn’t one to show off, so she would never drive flashy sports cars like a limited-edition pink Lamborghini or Bugatti Veyron.

Her favorite car brand had always been Audi

Second of all, Huo Mian was sentimental. Qin Chu was the one who gave her the Audi R8, so she loved the car very much. To her, it felt more like an old friend than a car, so she was reluctant to let it go.

She would rather spend big bucks to repair it than buy a new one

After Huo Mian got onto Qin Chu’s car, she took off her down jacket and asked Qin Chu, “Honey, should we eat out or at home?”

“I’m fine with anything, what do you want?” Qin Chu smiled.

Huo Mian placed her chin on her index finger and sank into deep thought. Then, she suggested, “Hm let me think, what do you think about Ah-Xin’s Ramen?”

“Okay.” Qin Chu nodded gently.

At that time, they heard a piece of news being reported from the TV in Qin Chu’s car. The female anchor spoke fast, “Breaking news, there have been new developments regarding President Huo Siqian of Huo Corporation and Miss Song Yishi, Mayor Song’s daughter. After Mr. Huo Siqian revealed their relationship during his last interview, Miss Song Yishi is now holding a press conference, finally providing a response to rumors of them dating. Let us now take a look at its live stream, how will Miss Song Yishi respond to everything?”

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