My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1248

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“What do you think I’m doing?” Huo Siqian asked as he advanced towards Song Yishi, forcing her to retreat into a corner.

When her entire body was curled up against a wall, Huo Siqian leaned his arm against it, entrapping her.

Song Yishi was so scared that her face went pale. “Don’t even think about it.”

“You’re funny we’re married, we’re legally husband and wife. I can do whatever I want to,” Huo Siqian sneered.

“But we have no feelings for each other. You set me up, that’s all Let me tell you, mind your own business and do your own thing or else I’m going to tell my dad what you did.”

At a time like this, Song Yishi used her father to threaten Huo Siqian, but he narrowed his eyes at her, half-smiling. “Your dad? Do you think I’m scared of him? Who does he think he is, Jesus? Does the entire world have to listen to him?”

“You” Song Yishi was infuriated by Huo Siqian’s rude remarks but didn’t know what to say.

Huo Siqian lifted a finger and gently played with the red strap on Song Yishi’s shoulder

“Tsk tsk your looks aren’t bad and you have a sexy body, it’s a shame, really” Huo Siqian suddenly stopped, and confused, Song Yishi asked, “What’s a shame?”

“It’s a shame that such a disgusting soul lives inside your not-so-bad body”

Song Yishi’s expression fell upon hearing Huo Siqian’s remarks; he was the first man to talk to her like that in her entire life.

She was Song Yishi, a woman of prestigious background, but he made her sound like a beggar on the street

“If that’s how you think of me, why would you marry me!” Song Yishi demanded angrily.

“Did you think I wanted to? Let me tell you the truth, today was the worst day of my life I’ve never felt so depressed The good thing is, this day passed by very fast. Do you think I’d really touch you? In your dreams, maybe Let me tell you, we may be married, but you should be prepared to live like a widow. Don’t try to do anything, or else not only will I ruin your reputation, I’ll also ruin your dad’s” Then, Huo Siqian let go of her and wiped his hand off with a moist toilette, as if she was a pile of shit he had just touched

Song Yishi couldn’t take this blatant humiliation anymore since she had never been treated this way.

When Huo Siqian turned around to leave, she ran up to him like crazy, trying to scratch his face. “Huo Siqian, you monster! I’m going to kill you!”

Too bad Huo Siqian was one step ahead of her, and he quickly wrapped his hand around her neck, pushing her right onto the wall

“Song Yishi, don’t test my patience.”

“Huo Siqian, who the hell do you think you are? What gives you the right to treat me like that? You’re no more than a dog Huo Zhenghai owns!” Song Yishi was so angry that she no longer filtered her words

Her remarks completely angered Huo Siqian. Here’s the thing about him there were two things he hated in life:

One, people who called him a ‘foster child’ or ‘dog’.

Two, people who slandered Huo Mian in front of him.

This woman, Song Yishi, bullied Huo Mian every chance she got. Now, she was cursing her husband on the night of their wedding

She was looking for death, wasn’t she?

Huo Siqian swiftly took the belt off his waist and whipped Song Yishi with it.

A burning sensation immediately covered her body

Song Yishi’s eyes widened as she looked at Huo Siqian in disbelief. “Huo Siqian, did you just hit me?”

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