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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1265

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Huo Mian answered with a straight face, “The piggy said, ‘The monkey’s joke was so funny'”

Everybody was stunned…

It turned out that the piggy had a slow reaction, so he reacted to the first joke when they told the third.

The monkey and the giraffe were super wronged…

Zhu Lingling immediately realized that Huo Mian was making fun of her, so she jumped up and put Huo Mian in a chokehold.

“You damned girl, how dare you to mock me. You’re saying that I’m the piggy, no? Do you think I don’t know? I’ll strangle you!”

“Hahaha, help me, this psycho woman is trying to kill me,” Huo Mian retracted her neck and yelled.

The two didn’t care about their image and played around like they used to.

It had been a long time since Huo Mian fooled around with Zhu Lingling like this…

Qin Chu and Gao Ran felt like they went back into time too, as if they all returned to seven years ago. They became happy without even noticing it.

Jiang Xiaowei caressed her stomach and watched the happy scene unfold in front of her.

The three couples’ meeting was extra warm and happy…

The dinner lasted until eleven, but everyone still didn’t have enough fun.

Jiang Xiaowei wanted to go to Seductive Fox, but everyone disagreed, considering that she was pregnant.

Zhu Lingling was extremely generous, she ended up using the five thousand yuan to pay for the bill.

Then, the three pairs all went home…

Zhu Lingling got onto Gao Ran’s Jaguar since they had been living together recently.

Gao Ran’s condo was new and smelled a bit strong. So, the two stayed at Zhu Lingling’s rental apartment for the time being.

When they got onto his car, Gao Ran pulled on the seatbelt for Zhu Lingling…

When Gao Ran leaned in, Zhu Lingling suddenly hugged him.

Such a gentle gesture stunned Gao Ran a little.

“Lingling, what’s wrong?”

“Gao Ran, thank you for loving me”

Gao Ran didn’t think that this girl would get so serious all of a sudden, so he didn’t know what to say.

Then, Zhu Lingling continued to say, “I don’t believe in myself at all. I’m not as smart as Huo Mian, I can’t be as calm as she is. I don’t have an education like Jiang Xiaowei’s, and I can’t see through people as she can. Compared to them, I’m the most average person. I’m just a dumb, happy-go-lucky girl. I thought that that someone like me would never find happiness, but you gave me everything that I ever wanted I feel like everything is unreal sometimes, you’re from an esteemed family, you’re so successful, and I’m just the daughter of an average citizen. I’m dumb, I have quite a temper and poisonous mouth, but but you still love me. So thank you, my handsome cop.”

Zhu Lingling held onto Gao Ran’s neck and softly confessed her feelings to him…

Gao Ran felt like his heart was melting…

He wasn’t used to the fierce woman being so gentle all of a sudden.

“Lingling, you’re acting strange. You’re not breaking up with me, right?” Gao Ran thought he sensed a break up from her words.

Usually, when two people separated, the girl would say something along the lines of, “You’re great, but we’re not meant to be together.”

“I’m not breaking up with your ass If you dare break up with me, I’ll hunt you down until the day I die.” Zhu Lingling immediately showed her true colors.

Gao Ran saw that Zhu Lingling was still the same old her and rested easy…

“I got so scared, I thought you were possessed or something” Gao Ran smiled.

“Possessed your ass, did you understand what I was saying?” Zhu Lingling raised her head, pouted, and asked Gao Ran with a displeased face.

“What were you saying?” Gao Ran played dumb.

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