My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1268

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The truth was, Zhu Lingling had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Like the Qin Couple, she and Gao Ran also let seven years pass them by

They were supposed to date seven years ago, but for various reasons, they didn’t end up together.

After seven years, they circled back to each other. Therefore, both of them treasured their relationship more than anything.

Ever since they moved in together, they had been living like a married couple.

During her days off, Zhu Lingling would cook for Gao Ran and wash his clothes.

After he got off work, they would watch movies at the theatre and have midnight snacks just like everyone else.

All they were missing was a marriage certificate

Zhu Lingling wasn’t a prissy. Rather, she was a ditzy girl who, in the past, had been hurt by men more than once.

Therefore, although she didn’t want to get married at such a young age, she had to admit that she loved Gao Ran, very much.

To Zhu Lingling, he was already her lifelong partner

However, she was not prepared at all for his sudden proposal.

“Lingling, come back to me!”

Zhu Lingling had been looking down in silence this entire time, making Gao Ran feel extremely uneasy

After a few seconds, she finally looked up and placed the diamond ring back in Gao Ran’s hand.

“What are you doing?” he asked, feeling his heart sink.

“I really want to marry you, but now’s not the time. I’m waiting”

“Waiting for what?” Gao Ran asked, confused.

“Until Mian gets pregnant,” Zhu Lingling answered, enunciating each word.

Gao Ran fell silent at her response; he didn’t expect this answer at all.

Zhu Lingling explained, “Mian treats me like a sister and even disregards her own life to help and protect me when something happens. I remember everything she’s done for me. Her not being able to get pregnant after she got married has been a prick on her heart, but I know she will sooner or later get a baby. Once she becomes pregnant, we’ll get married and have children at the same time, it’s perfect. That’s what I’m waiting for.”

“Then” Gao Ran paused as he brushed the tip of his nose with his finger. “If she never gets pregnant, does that mean we’re never getting married?”

“Of course not, I just want us to wait a while longer. I know they’ll get pregnant. Give me a year if they don’t get pregnant by then, we’ll still get married, okay? I want to wait for her” Zhu Lingling said, word for word.

Gao Ran had been working in the criminal police squad for a while now, so he was good at observing people’s expressions.

Most of the time, he could tell whether a person was lying just by looking at their face.

He carefully looked into Zhu Lingling’s eyes and saw nothing but sincerity.

It really seemed like she wanted to wait for Huo Mian to get pregnant first before announcing their marriage as a cherry on top.

“Sure, I’ll listen to you.” Gao Ran nodded in agreement.

“Thenyou’re not angry at me, right?” Zhu Lingling asked worriedly; she didn’t want Gao Ran to feel disappointed.

“Of course not, why would I be angry? You’re mine anyways, I know you’re not going anywhere” Then, before Zhu Lingling could respond, he picked up the ring and forcibly slid it onto Zhu Lingling’s finger, saying domineeringly, “Wear the ring You are going to be my wife, sooner or later.”

Zhu Lingling’s heart filled with content

This ring cost Gao Ran more than 90,000 yuan, which was almost two years of his income

She was extremely happy not because of how expensive it was. Rather, it was because she felt every bit of Gao Ran’s sincerity and love

Ever since Song Yishi and Huo Siqian got married, the latter never went back to their mansion.

After work that day, he received a phone call from Mayor Song, asking him to pick Song Yishi up from the Song Family mansion.

It turned out Song Yishi went home the day after their wedding. Afraid that the media would catch her, she never left the house.

Mayor Song didn’t like the ways things were, so he called Huo Siqian, who drove over after work that day.

Song Yishi was walking down the stairs when she saw Huo Siqian come in. Her expression immediately darkened as she demanded, “Why are you here?”

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