My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1350

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There were a million text messages consisting of something along the lines of: ‘Hello, Mrs. Qin. I’m a reporter of bla bla bla news, do you mind giving a phone interview about the crisis surrounding your spouse’s corporation? What is your opinion and how is GK going to deal with it?’

‘What’s going on?’ Huo Mian whispered to herself as she was a little confused.

It wasn’t until she opened her group chat with her friends that she found out what was happening since Zhu Lingling screenshotted the news and sent it to Huo Mian.

Jiang Xiaowei was quite concerned as well.

“Mian… Huo Siqian is planning something… He actually dug a hole for Qin Chu to jump into, you better show him what you’re made of,” Jiang Xiaowei said.

“Mian, tell Mr. Qin to go to town and destroy that crook. He’s got no dignity, letting his tramp, Mo Xue’er, play dirty… He’s the worst,” Zhu Lingling poisonously cursed.

Huo Mian lowered her head and carefully read the eye-catching headlines, ‘GK Film and Entertainment Faces a Giant Crisis, All Celebrities but Ni Yang Leave for Huo Entertainment.’

Huo Mian finally realized that Huo Siqian’s Huo Entertainment already began digging a hole for them…

GK was the only victim, as Su Yu’s Imperial Star remained calm.

The only artist left with GK Film and Entertainment was Ni Yang…

It was an unprecedented scandal…

When Huo Siqian conspired against them, he damaged them in the worst way possible…

Huo Mian frowned and was about to call Qin Chu when somebody suddenly dragged her by the arm into a secluded section of the hallway.


Ni Yang took off his mask…

“Why are you here?”

“I just came over from the company.”

“What’s going on right now?” Huo Mian anxiously asked.

“I really am the only one left… I don’t know when Mo Xue’er started her plan, but she poached everyone, even the newcomers… President Qin is in an unpleasant mood, he just held an emergency meeting.”

Huo Mian was silent upon hearing what he said…

“Sister Mian, don’t worry. I’m not leaving you guys. As long as President Qin treats you well, I’ll stay at GK. You’re like a sister to me.” Seeing Huo Mian in a bad mood, Ni Yang immediately pledged his loyalty.

“I know, thank you for being by our side at this moment.”

“I’m not a backstabber, no matter how good the contract at Huo Corporation is, I’m not leaving… Don’t worry, the crisis is temporary. President Qin’s so capable, he’s gonna come up with a way to deal with it,” Ni Yang comforted her.

“I trust him.” Huo Mian raised her head as her trust in Qin Chu was refilled.

Huo Mian had no appetite due to the incident, so she returned to her office alone.

Chen Jie and Ni Yang met on the rooftop of the hospital…

“Chief Huo’s probably in a bad mood, I’m really worried about her.”

“Don’t worry, my sister’s virtually undefeatable. She’s an unkillable cockroach…”

Chen Jie burst out in laughter…

When she laughed, she was really cute…

Ni Yang dotingly looked at her. “Being famous might look amazing to you, but it’s actually super stressful. We have to pull all-nighters and destroy our health. I’m lucky to be at GK. President Qin and Mian take care of me, they don’t give me a huge workload but big roles. I think I’ll do it for a few more years, get married, and retire…”

“Why would you retire?” Chen Jie was confused.

“I’m tired… Mentally tired…”

Upon hearing this, Chen Jie fell silent…

“I want to open a bookstore that sells all the books I didn’t get to read when I was young. I want to grow old with the woman I love…”

When Chen Jie heard that, her cheeks flushed…

“Jie…” Ni Yang suddenly called her name.


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