My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1388

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“You’re holding it?” Bella was obviously surprised.

“President Qin has some unfinished business in T City, so I’ll be taking care of things here for the time being.”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll let everyone know.”

Then, Huo Mian went up to the president’s office and fixed her appearance.

Five minutes later, inside GK’s executive meeting room.

Thirteen executives looked at the Young Madam, who sat in the middle of the room, with visible confusion.

“As you may know, President Qin is still taking care of affairs in another city. Chairman Qin has fallen ill and is receiving treatment in the hospital. I’ll take their places for the next few days. Let’s begin. Please ask whatever questions you may have, time’s precious and we should hurry.”

This was Huo Mian’s official debut to the executive meeting.

She was incredibly calm and wasn’t afraid of the situation she was in. Her self-confidence was out of the roof as she faced the thirteen executives.

She had Qin Chu’s rhythm when he held meetings and looked incredibly handsome…

Everyone was silent as they were not used to it.

“Are my words not being understood? Do I have to repeat what I said?” Huo Mian’s face frosted over, enunciating every word.

“Young Madam, after the stock market opened, our prices fell. Our stats are unbearable…”

Finally, some executive began speaking…

“I know, the reason for the fall is because of the scandal concerning the forced demolition. President Qin is personally seeing to that right now… If we can save our reputation, the stock prices will stop falling. That won’t be hard, next.”

“Young Madam, this is GK Film and Television’s quarterly report. Please have a look.”

The director of GK Film and Television carefully handed her a folder…

Huo Mian took it, looked it over, and saw the key points immediately.

“There’s a 22% drop in comparison to last quarter?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yes, Young Madam… It’s our fault, we failed you.” GK Film and Television was run by a smart, competent female director. Huo Mian knew what she was like as they had interacted before.

“It’s not your fault… A while ago, our new film was boycotted. That affected us quite a bit. It’s not entirely the fault of the company as there was outside intervention… Don’t worry, things will get better soon.”

The director was surprised by what Huo Mian said since she thought that the Young Madam would berate her…

However, her expectations were defied…

“Thank you for your understanding.”

“How’s the competition?”

“It’s at the final stage. After the breakout portion, we’ll have the ten finalists.”

“Go back and devise a plan. For the ten finalists, we’ll live-stream it and work with a popular news channel. We have to increase the exposure of the program. When the winner is announced, she’ll be a star already,” Huo Mian suggested.

“Young Madam, President Qin said the exact same thing. I’ll start drafting the plan right after the meeting, and we’ll get it sorted out within two days.” The director was surprised.

“Alright.” Huo Mian nodded.

“Young Madam, the sales of GK Jewelry have decreased recently. A while ago, President Qin said that he wanted us to launch the new styles of the spring season. We have the designs here right now, so can you take a look?”

Having an executive meeting was a terrifying thing, as she had to face hot problems passed over from different departments at any moment.

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