My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1391

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“You’re really pretty,” Bella looked at the elegant Young Madam from the passenger’s seat and gave a compliment from the bottom of her heart.

Huo Mian smiled faintly. Then, she drove her Audi R8 towards the Hilton Hotel with Bella.

She had done her homework; the Lefu Corporation and GK mainly cooperated in jewelry.

The Lefu Corporation was the biggest raw jewels supplier in Southeast Asia.

The main source of their jewels came from Sri Lanka, where diamonds and manpower were both cheap.

GK, on the other hand, always tried to keep their prices down-to-earth. The same diamonds and other jewelry would cost significantly less and be of better quality than other luxurious brands.

Therefore, the company had enjoyed the stellar reputation over the years…

GK Jewelry was an important segment of GK and the company would never give this department up. Therefore, meeting with important clients such as President Liu was crucial.

– Inside Hilton Hotel’s Chinese resultant –

When Huo Mian walked in, she immediately saw President and Mrs. Liu; they were around 50-years-old, about the same age as Qin Chu’s parents.

President Liu was lowkey and only brought with him a bodyguard and an interpreter.

Huo Mian was even more lowkey, as she only brought Bella.

She said in English, “President and Mrs. Liu, welcome to C City. My name is Huo Mian, I am Qin Chu’s wife.”

“I’ve heard President Qin talk about you before, he has a good wife.” President Liu smiled.

“Thank you for the compliment, let’s sit…” Huo Mian reached out and gestured for the couple to sit down.

Bella was slightly surprised when Huo Mian first opened her mouth; she didn’t expect the Young Madam of GK to speak such fluent English.

But rumor had it that she had never been abroad and only attended a third-rate domestic university where she didn’t even take the English qualifying exams, but how…?

Bella thought the Young Madam asked her to come because she obtained her level 8 English qualifications…

But now it seemed like the Young Madam could interact freely with the clients and didn’t even need an interpreter at all…

“I heard that you’re from C City as well, Mrs. Liu?” Huo Mian asked.

“Yes, my mother was from here and my father’s Thai, I’m mixed,” Mrs. Liu replied gently.

Rather than complimenting them and kissing their asses, Huo Mian conversed with them fluently and casually.

They first talked about GK Jewelry, then real estate, and then even the new film and television company.

The couple was satisfied with Huo Mian’s professional mannerisms.

“Mrs. Qin, my daughter and I really like Ni Yang and his songs.”

“Thank you, he’s a hard-working kid, I treat him like my own brother.” Huo Mian smiled.

“Can you give me two signed albums? I’m sure my daughters will be very happy.” Mrs. Liu immediately began fangirling.

“Of course! Next time you should bring your daughters, I can arrange for them to meet with Ni Yang.”

“Really? That would be amazing…”

They continued to enjoy dinner; Mrs. Liu really liked Huo Mian, so she kept asking to drink with her. Due to the difference in age, Huo Mian treated them with respect and therefore couldn’t refuse the drinks. Soon, they finished an entire bottle of wine. However, Mrs. Liu wanted more and she called the waiter for another bottle.

Worried, Bella whispered in Huo Mian’s ear, “Young Madam, I can drink for you.”

“No, it’s okay, I can handle it.” Huo Mian knew Mrs. Liu liked her because they had a lot to talk about. So, it would seem insincere if she asked her assistant to drink in lieu of her.

After dinner, Huo Mian’s face became red and she felt a little tipsy.

“Mrs. Qin, I heard Seductive Fox is a really popular club, can you take us there?” Mrs. Liu asked towards the end of dinner; she may be more than 50 years old, but she still had the heart of a teenager.

Bella glanced awkwardly at the Young Madam; she was worried about the latter not being able to handle it.

However, Huo Mian smiled. “Sure, let’s head there now. The owner of Seductive Fox is a good friend of Qin Chu and me.”

“Great, let’s head out!”

The Liu couple really seemed to have enjoyed themselves… They didn’t even realize how much Huo Mian already drank.

When Huo Mian and the clients arrived at Seductive Fox, Rick immediately got a VIP room ready for them.

Feeling a little dizzy, Huo Mian picked out some songs for them to sing and left the room. She leaned on the wall in the hallway, took out a cigarette, and placed it in her mouth. Just as she was about to light it, however, someone snatched it away.

“Why are you smoking? Are you trying to kill yourself?” A familiar voice sounded from beside her, causing her to tilt her head and look at the man beside her in surprise.

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