My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1394

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This was Rick’s first time being in a relationship – he didn’t know how to woo a girl, nor did he know what to give her.

Therefore, he idiotically gave Xixi a bank card that had a million yuan in it, but she threw it in his face…

Not all women liked being hit with money, but Rick didn’t know that; to him, money was a great present, because she could buy anything she wanted to.

“You mean… you want to melt her heart with your sincerity?” Huo Mian seemed to understand what he wanted.

Upon hearing this, Rick nodded heavily; he looked at her with the eyes of an innocent child.

Huo Mian perfectly guessed what he wanted…

“I think you should do something you’ve never done before,” Huo Mian suggested.

“Like that?”

“Like… cooking for her. Think about it… you’re basically giving her your first time. But you need to do your homework and find out what she likes to eat. It’s called ‘catering to her pleasure’.”

Rick nodded, digesting what she said, and replied, “Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks, Huo Mian.”

“No problem.”

“If anything happens while Qin Chu’s not here or if you need something done, just tell me…” Rick reminded her, and Huo Mian nodded. “I will.”

“You should head back, your clients are still in the room.”

“Oh, right, I have to go back…” Only then did Huo Mian remember that the Liu Couple was still inside the VIP room. Therefore, after her conversation with Rick, she headed right back…

She had a few more drinks and sang a few songs with them before concluding the schedule that night. She was going to go see her father-in-law at the hospital, but her head was spinning.

Bella said from the driver’s seat, “Young Madam, I’ll drive you home first.”


Just as Bella was about to start the car, an ordinary-looking man walked up to them. Then, he said to Huo Mian, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat, “President Su asked me to give this to you.”

Then, before Huo Mian could say anything, that man left…

Huo Mian picked up the bottle he handed her – it was a drink that helped with sobering up and falling asleep.

This drink wasn’t sold on the market yet, but it was a drink that Su Financial Bank developed that was only distributed amongst family and friends. It contained expensive nerve-calming Chinese medicines and was a precious existence in the wealthy circle…

Touched, Huo Mian realized that although Su Yu seemed careless, he could be incredibly diligent as well.

Opening the bottle, she took two giant swigs before leaning back on her seat. “Let’s go, Bella.”

“Yes, Young Madam.”

Bella thought the Young Madam asked her to come so she could be the interpreter or drink for her. After all, many company executives asked their employees to do stuff like that.

However, Huo Mian did everything herself. When they were heading back, Huo Mian felt too tipsy and couldn’t drive, so she was going to call a designated driver, but Bella was worried and therefore insisted on driving Huo Mian home.

She realized that the Young Madam was a good person who never acted pretentious because she was Qin Chu’s wife. Moreover, she didn’t treat her employees like they were just an asset.

Like President Qin, she respected and placed her trust in GK’s employees.

Bella pressed a button in the car and music began to play…

It was Huo Mian’s favorite song, Hotel California.

It was such a beautiful night, and Bella felt free of worry as she listened to this song. She glanced over at the Young Madam – her eyes were closed, and she looked like a kid.

Although she wasn’t the most beautiful woman on earth, Huo Mian was easy on the eyes. The more Bella looked at her, the prettier she seemed.

Bella thought that President Qin indeed had a good wife… The Young Madam would set aside her own matters and help him whenever the company needed her.

She really did love her husband, didn’t she?

The next morning, Huo Mian arrived at the company bright and early. The company was going to conduct a press conference at 9 AM explaining the scandal in T City. She and Qin Chu had come to this decision last night.

But just as she was about to head to the hotel… Yang suddenly called her.

“Young Madam, President Qin said to cancel the press conference.”

“Why?” Huo Mian froze.

“15 minutes ago, Jiang Linyue was found dead in her apartment. President Qin was arrested by the police, and they’re looking into this case as we speak.”

“What?” Huo Mian felt like a strike of lightning had hit her on a sunny day; Jiang Linyue was dead, and Qin Chu was arrested pending investigation? Did… he have something to do with her death?

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