My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1398

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“He’s T City’s #1 suspect right now.” Huo Siqian laughed nonchalantly.

“He didn’t do it, Qin Chu would never kill anyone.” As stupid as Song Yishi was, she still knew that a man of Qin Chu’s power and status would never murder anymore. Why would he do something so degrading?

“Haha… you sure trust him, but I bet he doesn’t even care about you. I bet he won’t look at you, even if you stripped naked in front of him…” Huo Siqian walked up to Song Yishi, attacking and humiliating her with his words.

“That’s my business, I don’t care if he doesn’t want to look at me even if I strip naked… but no matter how much I wear, I still get nauseous in front of a person like you.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Siqian slapped her with all his might, hitting Song Yishi’s face so hard that she began seeing stars.

Falling to the ground, she felt blood dripping down her face…

“You all like Qin Chu, don’t you? What’s so good about him? But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get to see what he ends up like… and you, stop pretending to be a high-status socialite in front of me. You and your dad are dogs to me, understand?” Huo Siqian spat as he pinched Song Yishi’s chin, his smile filled with a thirst for blood.

Song Yishi shivered; she wanted but didn’t have the guts to curse or yell at him.

She felt like aside from the Huo Siqian in front of her, there was another devil living inside him. The moment the devil wakes up, her nightmare would begin…

“I told you, you don’t have to live here, but you can’t make a scene moving out and attract attention… Don’t let the media find out about our relationship… Just keep pretending to be in love with me… Song Yishi, don’t do anything stupid, or else… you’ll end up worse than Jiang Linyue.” Then, Huo Siqian slowly got up and left.

Song Yishi’s heart sank as she finally came to the realization that Huo Siqian had something to do with Jiang Linyue’s death.

However, who was he working with? Those people were capable of killing Jiang Linyue without a trace!

If her assumptions were true, then he was a truly terrifying murderer…

At this thought, Song Yishi became so scared that she stopped gathering her stuff and immediately ran out of Huo Siqian’s mansion, unwilling to stay for another second.

– The next morning –

Huo Mian woke up and covered her dark circles with a thick layer of foundation. Then, she changed into a suit and headed towards GK Headquarters.

“Good morning, Young Madam.”

“Young Madam, good morning.”

The employees greeted her as she walked in, and she smiled back at them.

This 25-year-old woman had such strong a strong aura that she was completely capable of holding down GK’s fort.

“Young Madam, the morning meeting is in less than five minutes.”

“Okay.” Huo Mian nodded. After organizing the documents for the morning meeting, she and Bella headed into the conference room.

The meeting lasted for an entire hour, but none of the executives had the chance to speak. They listened to Huo Mian talk fervently while presenting her documents.

“Did you all understand what I just said?” Huo Mian scanned the room afterward.

“Yes, Young Madam.”

“Does anyone have any objections?” Huo Mian looked down and gathered the documents, while an executive answered, “No, we all agree with your proposal.”

Then, Huo Mian nodded and glanced at Bella. “Get the car ready. Let’s go to the hotel and deal with those reporters.”

“Young Madam, are we really going to hold a press conference?” Bella was worried; were they pushing themselves into a corner by holding a press conference at a sensitive time like this? What if Huo Mian was stumped by a reporter’s question? Wouldn’t it make things worse for the company?

“We have to,” Huo Mian said with determination. After preparing notes for an entire evening, she was sure that she could turn the tables for Qin Chu.

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