My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1412

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On the inside, Huo Mian wore a mid-sleeved chiffon dress shirt. The GK diamonds that were on the sleeves shone and glimmered brightly on the stage under the spotlight.

Huo Mian’s simple getup, a white shirt with a pair of black trousers, was really the same style as Qin Chu. Her hair was slightly curled, framing her ears perfectly to showcase the new pearl earrings in the current collection. She walked gracefully onto the stage and was handed the microphone. Not far behind from her, a little girl that was about seven or eight, wearing a pretty white dress, began playing ‘Castle in the Sky” on the grand piano.

As the music began to flow, Huo Mian scanned the audience and smiled.

Su Yu, who was watching from afar, felt something touch his heart as it began to melt.

“Huo Mian’s beauty isn’t the type that can awe the masses, but the way she presents herself is just insane! I’ve seen too many women, and not one of them can be like her, standing up there knowing that she owns the place!” Upon saying this, Tang Chuan even took out his phone and recorded a video of Huo Mian.

“My Mian is the one and only! If I was a man, I would like her too!” Jiang Xiaowei lifted her chin slightly and said proudly.

Wei Liao put his arm around Jiang Xiaowei intimately. “Xiaowei, next lifetime, if you’re a man, then I’ll be the woman. We’ll still be together.”

“Who said anything about being with you again?” Jiang Xiaowei said with an uncontrollable smile on her face. In her heart, she felt sweet and loved.

Wei Liao was a highly intelligent man with a good temper. A lot of the time, he would always let Jiang Xiaowei have her way. He had always been the living and breathing example of the one motto – There’s no limit to spoiling your wife.

Jiang Xiaowei was happy about the way her life has been going, despite knowing that it was very different from Huo Mian’s. It was wonderful to have someone that loves you dearly, and comparing with others was unnecessary. After all, in this world, there was only one Qin Chu, and one Huo Mian.

Huo Mian, who was standing in the middle of the stage, began speaking as the piano music continued to play in the background, “Now, I would like to introduce the final design of GK’s spring jewelry collection. It also happens to be my favorite design.”

A model walked onto the stage and opened the box.

Huo Mian took out a pair of bracelets that shone with the color of the blue sea.

“This is a lover’s bracelet, and we have named it ‘Eternal Light’.” As she spoke, Huo Mian took the ladies bracelet and cuffed it onto her hand.

She raised her arm and continued, “It is 12-23 centimeters in length and 1.8 centimeters in width. It weighs 45 grams and is made with platinum. It has 134 blue diamonds, symbolizing the love of a lifetime. In this world, there’s nothing more beautiful than true love. I feel that you would know if you had found the right person when he or she gives you the support, energy, and courage that allows you to wake up happy and go to sleep soundly. He or she will provide you hope for the future and allow you to be filled with passion. Love should not be used to restrict or to torture the other person. Love is about companionship and becoming the eternal light for one another. That’s why we have named this pair of bracelets ‘Eternal Light’, I hope you all love it just as much as I do.”

As soon as Huo Mian finished her speech, the crowd roared with applause and cameras began flashing insanely.

“Mrs. Qin, is this bracelet in stock right now? When do you plan to begin selling?”

“The making of ‘Eternal Light’ is very complicated and due to the scarcity in material, we do not have an inventory at the moment. We will only accept reservations.”

“Mrs. Qin, how much will the bracelet be priced at? Can you tell us?”

“The bracelets will not be sold separately, it is designed for couples only and thus, comes in a pair. The two bracelets come to sixty-eight thousand yuan.”

“It’s not very expensive at all! It’s much cheaper than certain luxury brands! Those luxury bracelets will easily be in the hundreds and thousands of yuan. GK’s price is very good!”

Huo Mian only smiled at the comment.

“Oh my gosh! It’s so beautiful! Honey, I want that bracelet!” Jiang Xiaowei said immediately, it was love at first sight.

“We’ll buy it!” Wei Liao said generously.

Tang Chuan was also itchy to get one. “I will buy my wife one as well when I get married. It’s pretty good, so damn beautiful! 134 blue diamonds, how did she think of it?? I must say I’m very impressed with Huo Mian, she’s really talented.”

(TL Note: 134 also means a lifetime in Chinese)

– Marriott Hotel, T City –

“Boss, what do you think of Mrs. Qin’s finale?” Assistant Yang asked Qin Chu excitedly.

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