My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1420

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Thanks to Weibo, sales for GK’s new line of jewelry shot up exponentially…

Unwilling to give up, Yang Xiuping updated her Weibo status that night. She wrote, ‘I just like hitting someone when they’re down, what can you do about it? Come on, curse at me.’

GK was currently surrounded by negative news, so Yang Xiuping really was hitting Huo Mian while she was down.

She originally wanted to defame Huo Mian, but her attempt was unsuccessful and she ended up stabbing herself in the foot. Therefore, she decided that fame was more important and became more thick-faced than ever.

Hundreds of thousands of netizens cursed at her on her Weibo, and some even tagged Huo Mian.

“Yang Xiuping, you’re such a b*tch… you should be called Yang backstabber, you’re not fit to be Huo Mian’s cousin!”

“B*tch Yang, you’re digging your own grave. Rest in peace.”

“I finally know why Mrs. Qin didn’t even sue you for malicious defamation. You’re not worth it, go to hell.”

“B*tch Yang, how dare you shamelessly gain fame by tying yourself to Huo Mian? You’re the biggest b*tch of all b*tches.

“I heard your entire family’s super snobby. When Huo Mian was poor, you guys stayed away from her, yet now you’re saying that she’s your cousin? How thick-faced are you?”

“No matter how much plastic surgery you get, you’re still a peasant’s daughter.”

“How stupid are you to challenge Huo Mian? Her brain probably weighs significantly more than yours. Stupid b*tch Yang Xiuping.”

Not only was Yang Xiuping not angry that so many netizens were cursing at her, she even felt proud of herself.

Just then, Song Yixuan called her. She sounded upset, “What’s wrong with you, didn’t you say she wrongfully accused you? Why are you the thief now?”

Back then, she contacted Yang Xiuping, pretended to be friends with her and even gave her presents, just so she could use her one day.

Yang Xiuping was happy to finally have someone she could slander Huo Mian with, so she told Song Yixuan that Huo Mian had wrongfully accused her of stealing. What was worse was that Song Yixuan actually believed her.

In the end, Yang Xiuping played her like a fiddle…

Song Yixuan helped her get onto that reality show but to her surprise and frustration, Yang Xiuping’s lie was exposed so quickly.

“Oh… my cousin’s really manipulative, she probably bought a bunch of water army to prove her innocence.”

“Forget it, I don’t care… Anyways, don’t tell anyone you know me, no matter who interviews you.”

“Xuan… what about the 200,000 yuan you promised me?”

“Let’s meet up tonight, I’ll give you cash.”

Song Yixuan was careful; she didn’t want others to find a record of her sending Yang Xiuping money since Huo Mian was an extremely diligent woman…

“Okay, I’ll see you tonight.” Truth be told, Yang Xiuping was proud of herself; it was so easy to make money, just by defaming her cousin.

– Sky Blessing Court –

After a hard day’s work, Huo Mian drove to her mother’s house, since the latter called her after watching the reality show.

“Mom… I’m home.”

“Mian, what happened? Why would Xiuping say something like that on TV?”

“Oh… calm down, let me tell you everything.” Huo Mian placed her bag on the couch and sat down next to her mother.

“I saw everything on TV, what’s wrong with Xiuping? Why would she say that? It’s so bad for your reputation. Oh, and didn’t she leave our place because she found a job? Why would she appear on TV?”

“Mom… the truth is, Xiuping stole your jewelry last time.”

“What?” Yang Meirong froze.

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