My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1480

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“Mhm, your parents were just scapegoats… And it was funny that they felt guilty for years, haha.”

“So my family driver, the one who killed Jing De, works for Mian’s father?”

Qin Chu’s brain was now in a complete mess; it was because of this accident that Mian left him all those years ago. However, it was all just a conspiracy, orchestrated by none other than Mian’s father? How could he accept this information?

Was Jing De really going to sell Huo Mian out? Didn’t he love her like a daughter?

“You can understand it like that, but I wonder if Mian’s father bought off the driver, or if the driver really worked for him… Anyways, Mian’s father is an extremely powerful individual who’s influential on a global scale and has close ties with the top leaders of various nations. He chose to protect Mian from living in blood and murder because he didn’t want that kind of life for her. Her little sister’s life isn’t so easy.”

“I see.” Only then did Qin Chu understand why things seemed off when he and Huo Mian visited Dong Tao Town.

It turned out that two forces were controlling the area…

No, it should actually be three forces. There was also a group of people who were viciously looking for Huo Mian.

“You must think I’m evil enough to do anything.”

“Aren’t you?” Qin Chu asked icily.

“I am, but… I’m nothing compared to them… those people are truly capable of doing anything. If they find Mian, they’ll turn her into ash. So… her true identity must be kept a secret.”

“Would you keep her identity secret?” Qin Chu asked; he was willing to keep his mouth shut because this had to do with Huo Mian’s life, but would Huo Siqian? Qin Chu knew the latter liked Huo Mian, but…

“Of course I would, but you have to divorce her.”

“That’s impossible,” Qin Chu immediately refused.

“Divorce her in 24 hours, or else… I’m going to announce Mian’s identity to the world.”

“You want her to die?” Qin Chu roared in fury.

“Of course not, I want her to stay alive. But if she’s going to be with you, then no… I’d rather see her dead than let her be with you.”

“Huo Siqian, you’re evil,” Qin Chu spat; he had never hated anyone so much, but he hated Huo Siqian with every bone in his body.

How dare Huo Siqian threaten him with Huo Mian’s life…

“Thank you for the compliment, I’ve always been like this.” Huo Siqian smiled, and Qin Chu looked at him with disgust.

“Why should I believe you? What if you made all that up?” Qin Chu suppressed his anger and demanded from Huo Siqian.

“You don’t have to believe me, you can do some digging yourself. But remember, your time is limited, and I said I’d only give you 24 hours. If you’re willing to risk it and marry Huo Mian on the 28th, go ahead. But I wonder if those people will show up at your wedding if I tell them about her…”

Huo Siqian said all this with such nonchalance, but every word felt like a dagger in Qin Chu’s heart.

Furious out of his mind, Qin Chu suddenly pulled out the handgun from his inner pocket and pointed it at Huo Siqian’s head.

They were standing right in front of each other, so one shot would render Huo Siqian dead.

“You can shoot, but once I die, Mian’s identity will still be revealed in 24 hours. I wrote on my will that if I die, no matter how I was killed, my lawyer will send Huo Mian’s file straight to their headquarters.”

“Huo Siqian, you’re f*cking crazy…” Qin Chu didn’t think Huo Siqian would be so ruthless.

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