My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1547

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“Haha, what, are you threatening me?”

“It’s not a threat. I’m just saying, do you really think you’re going to walk out of here so easily?”

Huo Mian looked back. “Did you really expect me to come here without any preparations?”

“I can tell you now that nothing you brought will work in this room, no matter how incredible the technology. Also, no matter how many people you brought with you, my men will finish them all. So, don’t expect to get any backup.”

“So… that’s how stupid I am to you… do you really think I need a phone and reinforcements?”

“Unless you prepared something better?”

“Want to try it out?”

Huo Mian’s smile was dazzling…

Huo Siqian stared at her for a couple of seconds. They stood there, looking at each other in silence, both with smiles on their faces.

In the end, it was Huo Siqian who opened his mouth first…

“Mian, I don’t want you to leave. Can you stay with me?”

“In your dreams.”

She was never going to spend another night in this god-forsaken place… Really, never again.

“I won’t do anything to you. I just want it to be like the last time. Just sleep here for a night. I promise.”

“That’s impossible too,” Huo Mian immediately rejected his thought.

“What a stubborn girl. Fine, I’ll just have to deal with Qin Chu first. Say… if he died mysteriously in the holding cell, would the police just get rid of his body?” Huo Siqian showed a strange smile.

“Don’t touch Qin Chu! Otherwise, I’ll kill your entire family.” Huo Mian was truly pissed.

“Stupid girl, I don’t have any family left. We’re the only ones left in the Huo Family. So… stop being stupid.”

“You’ll never touch my Qin Chu ever again, even if it means we both go to hell.”

“Your Qin Chu? Stupid girl, you really do know how to make me jealous…”

Seeing Huo Mian so protective of Qin Chu made Huo Siqian seriously jealous.

“Aren’t you capable of anything? Aren’t you without morals? You want to play dirty? I can play with you. You’re ruthless? I can be more ruthless…”

“Oh? You’re going to compete with me on how ruthless we can be? Now I’m really entertained.” Huo Siqian unleashed a fit of laughter.

“Don’t laugh so disgustingly. One day, I’ll make sure you never laugh again.”

“Why don’t you think about how you’re getting out of here first?” Huo Siqian asked rhetorically as he headed towards Huo Mian, and the latter retreated, step by step…

“We are the only ones here. This place is surrounded by my people… Tell me, where will you run?” Huo Siqian moved closer to Huo Mian with a smile.

“Huo Siqian, you really are disgusting. This reminds me of last time when you breached GK’s security system. You stopped the elevators and trapped me inside the building. Then you started a game of cat and mouse…”

“Mian, what are you talking about?” Huo Siqian looked startled.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten all that you’ve done… so soon.”

Huo Mian bit down on her lips; she despised the man standing in front of her.

“I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about. What building? What security system? What game of cat and mouse? Are you sure you got the right person?”

“Of course I’m sure… I can recognize your face anywhere,” Huo Mian replied with certainty.

“Could there be someone that looks exactly like me?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Stop pretending. It was definitely you… only you could do something so disgusting.”

With that, Huo Mian turned to walk away…

“Mian, why are you stubborn? I told you, you’re not getting out of here.”

“Oh yeah? Then let’s… try.”

Then, Huo Mian reached into her bag and took out a light blue bottle…

“What is that?” Huo Siqian stilled.

“Something that can instantly send us both to hell.” For the first time ever, Huo Mian showed a sinister smile.

Huo Siqian suddenly withdrew his smile and turned serious…

In all the years he had known her, this was his first time seeing such a dangerous expression on Huo Mian.

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