My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1668

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“Of course I’m being serious… when have I lied to you?” Su Yu stared at Tang Chuan, rebutting him.

“But… from what I know about Doctor Huo, there’s no way she would…”

Tang Chuan had known Huo Mian for a long time, so he had a fair understanding of her personality.

With her personality, it would be fairly difficult to get her to move into Su Yu’s place. How awkward would it be…?

“I think he probably got someone to help him to that. This task is too difficult for him to accomplish by himself,” Wei Liao added.

“Wei, my old friend, you sure are very smart… I got my mom to convince her.”

“You asked Mrs. Su to help you? Wow… impressive man…!”

Su Yu was probably the only person that would find the courage to get his mother to help him with pursuing a girl.

“Mrs. Su sure is nice, actually doing that for you!”

“That’s because my mom also likes Huo Mian a lot,” Su Yu said really proudly.

“No matter what though, Huo Mian agreed to move in… It’s a good thing for you,” Wei Liao said slowly.

“Yeah, that’s right… You’d have a better chance with her when she’s close by… you know that right, Young Master Su?” Tang Chuan joked.

“However, my mom said that when Huo Mian moves in, I will have to move out…”

Su Yu confused Wei Liao and Tang Chuan.

“Because she needs to be free from any gossip… Also, if I’m at home, Huo Mian wouldn’t feel comfortable… according to my mom,” Su Yu elaborated.

“Oh… Then you won’t have many opportunities. It’s basically like her staying at the hospital, is it not?” Tang Chuan asked.

“It’s worse than the hospital because if she stayed in the hospital, he could go visit any time… However, if she’s at his place, there would always be a lot of other people around, like his father or grandfather, and it wouldn’t look that great if he visited often… It’d also be very awkward for him to be with Huo Mian when he’s in front of his family…” Wei Liao tried to analyze the situation.

“Whatever man… I’m not digging in too deep. The purpose of Huo Mian moving into my place isn’t to make her mine, it’s because there are too many people at the Army Hospital. I can never tell if Huo Siqian or Mayor Song’s people had snuck into the hospital… I’m worried about her and I want to protect her, at least until she gives birth…”

“True, it is safer to live at your place… You are right about that.”

Both Tang Chuan and Wei Liao knew how strong the line defense at Su Yu’s family mansion was, so they nodded in agreement.

At noon, Huo Mian was about to nap after lunch when she heard a commotion outside.

Huo Mian opened her eyes. “What’s going on?” she asked the nurse.

“There’s a performance going on in the hospital. I think a celebrity is coming to sing at our hospital… It’s said to be a token of appreciation for all the hard work the army doctors have done… I’m not actually sure if it’s real or not because we didn’t get prior notice and that person just came out of nowhere. It’s just all too sudden.”

“Really? A celebrity’s here?”

“Yeah… Do you want to go check it out…?” the nurse asked with excitement on her face.

Huo Mian didn’t have the heart to reject since the nurse seemed so excited for the event. “Sure, why not? It’s too loud for me to sleep anyways. Let’s go check it out!”

Huo Mian didn’t like crowded places but she could see that the nurse that was taking care of her really wanted to go, so she decided to go.

The nurse held her hand to guide her to the Recuperation Building behind the Administrative Building.

Out of nowhere, a stage had been set up…

A bunch of people was standing around the stage and the nurse guided Huo Mian over.

When people saw Huo Mian walking towards the stage, they cleared out a path for her.

They knew that this girl was special because Young Master Su showed special care and interest in her.

Finally, the nurse led Huo Mian to a place rather close to the stage… Huo Mian looked up just in time to see the celebrity walk out from behind the curtains, and was slightly surprised by who she saw.

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