My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1712

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After she got pregnant, she wasn’t as strong as before; she became more sentimental and would burst into tears for no reason.

She became more sensitive perhaps because she was fragile or maybe just because she would soon become a mother.

After weeping silently for a while, she put away her diary carefully.

She wanted to record everything during her pregnancy and show it to Mr. Qin if he came back one day.

She would make him read it page by page and show him how she and her babies managed to survive without him.

It was five o’clock in the morning.

It was daybreak.

When Su Yu returned early with a big breakfast, Mr. Su and Mrs. Su were still in bed.

After eating breakfast, Huo Mian and Su Yu left silently.

This trip was low-key, but Su Yu still brought many bodyguards with them; they traveled in three cars.

With extremely skilled and well-armed bodyguards protecting them in the first and the third car, Huo Mian and Su Yu rode in a black Hummer in the middle.

Three cars set off toward the highway at the same time.

When Huo Siqian got the news, it was already 8 AM.

He had arrived at the Huo Corporation and was about to attend the company’s morning conference when his men hurried to him with the news.

“Boss, we’ve got news about Miss Huo.”

“Speak,” Huo Siqian said with a dark expression.

He was still angry that Su Yu had tricked him last time.

“At 6 AM this morning, Su Yu left the city with lots of people; we don’t know where he went, but Miss Huo is in one of the cars.”

“Are you sure?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Um… We didn’t get a close look. Su Yu’s very shrewd, and we didn’t dare to get too close. We watched them through binoculars and took some pictures. But we are sure that one of them was a woman of a slight build; she wore workout clothes, a black baseball cap, and sunglasses.”

“Morons… You said the same thing the last time and swore that she was Mian. What did we find?”

He no longer trusted the intelligence gathered by his men…

“But Boss, I think this time the information is correct…”

“Thinking it’s correct is not good enough. I want accurate information since I can’t be tricked by the fellow Su Yu again like I’m a stupid monkey. We can’t take the risk. If we get tricked by Su Yu again, we’d be in big trouble and expose ourselves. After all, it’s not a trivial offense if we were accused of kidnapping the grandson of Commander Su…”

“Boss, you’re right. We didn’t think it through.”

Hearing his words, his men didn’t dare say more about it.

“How are things going with Song Qingguo?”

“Very good… We are waiting for your order.”

“Good. I’ll think about it and find a good opportunity to give him a big surprise. Humph!” Huo Siqian said with a cold smile.

He would never forgive anyone who wanted to hurt Huo Mian, not even himself.

For Huo Siqian, even all the beautiful women combined were not a match for a faint smile from Huo Mian.

Unfortunately, his way of doing things was ruthless and tough, quite the opposite of Huo Mian’s kind personality.

In fact, as Huo Mian had expected, Huo Siqian was indeed afraid.

He wasn’t afraid of Su Yu’s abilities, but that he would be tricked by Su Yu again.

Because of his fear, he missed another good opportunity to make a move.

Of course, Su Yu wasn’t a careless man; without proper preparations, he would never take Huo Mian out.

Even if Huo Siqian brought his men to kidnap Huo Mian, he couldn’t guarantee that he would succeed.

Su Yu and Huo Mian arrived at their destination safely with no disturbance.

Before they got out of the car, Su Yu glanced at Huo Mian in admiration. “It seems you were right. They didn’t make a move.”

Huo Mian smiled faintly.

“Let’s go up…”

Huo Mian was impatient to see the wishes that Qin Chu had written on the prayer ribbon…

It was now the most fascinating thing that Qin Chu had left for her…

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