My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1722

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“They are girls. They’re completely identical and really pretty.”

“Girls, that’s great…” Mrs. Su always liked girls and was overjoyed from hearing that the twins were female.

Yang Meirong’s hands were shaking from excitement…

“So I’m officially a grandmother? Ah… Two little girls…”

Yang Meirong felt her heart melting…

Su Yu was still stunned and wore a mixed expression on his face.

That excitement couldn’t be described with words. It was as if Huo Mian’s kids were his own.

When women are four months into their pregnancies, they could tell the children’s gender using colored ultrasounds.

Jiang Xiaowei knew a long time ago that she was going to have a boy…

So, the Wei Family had celebrated it since then…

Wei Liao’s grandparents even gave Jiang Xiaowei a good amount of gifts…

However, Huo Mian refused to find out the gender of her babies to preserve a sense of mystery.

If she found out too early on, she wouldn’t be surprised.

Huo Mian didn’t care if the twins were boys, girls, or one of each.

As long as they were healthy and safe…

“Where are the babies?” after a brief pause, Su Yu asked the doctor.

“They’ve been taken to the NICU. They’re too small and need to be kept in there for a few days. The patient is exhausted and needs to rest at the hospital. Right, who is her direct relative? You need to sign some papers.”

“I am…” Yang Meirong followed the doctor to the office.

“Let’s go and see Mian.”

Mrs. Su was in a great mood and walked into the room with Su Yu…

On the way there, Mrs. Su excitedly gave the good news to Grandpa Su.

“Dad… Mian delivered.”

“They’re girls.”

“Okay, you’ll see them when you come back. I’m going to hang up now.”

Mrs. Su happily ended the call…

“What did Grandpa say?” Su Yu smiled.

“Ah, he can’t wait to fly back… He was going on about getting the little babies presents.”

“Haha, Grandpa seems really excited.”

When the mother and son walked into the room, Huo Mian was already conscious…

She looked fragile and pale…

“Mrs. Su…” Huo Mian greeted her with a weak voice.

“Mian, you did great… You delivered the twins naturally, you must be exhausted… At least the babies didn’t give you too much trouble. Did you know? You had a pair of beautiful girls,” Mrs. Su squeezed Huo Mian’s hand and gently said.

Huo Mian nodded feebly. “The nurses told me when I was in the delivery room… They are really healthy, but a little underweight… They were only seven pounds together…”

“That isn’t too bad… They’re a pair, they’ll be fine after a few days in the NICU. Don’t worry about anything and take care of your body… I hired a professional caretaker, she’ll take care of you and the kids for the next few months. You can call me whenever you need anything, okay?”

“Auntie, thank you so much.” Huo Mian looked at Mrs. Su with sincere gratitude.

“You don’t have to be polite, I’ve been treating you as my own daughter… Your grandpa is so excited, he’s been going on and on about seeing the kids…”

At that moment, Mrs. Su turned around and called to Su Yu, “Yu, why are you still standing there? Come and see Mian.”

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