My Youth Began With Him Chapter 173

When Qin Chu saw Gao Ran's text message, he lost his cool...

He made a stopping motion with his hand, interrupting the ongoing conference call.

On the other side of the call, the presidents of the branch companies did not dare to make a sound.

Assistant Yang sensibly muted the video so that his boss could make a phone call.

Qin Chu immediately called Gao Ran back.

"What's going on?" He coldly asked.

"There was a riot by the entrance of the First Hospital. When I got the emergency call, I headed there immediately and found out that one of the parties involved was Huo Mian. It seemed like she came into conflict with a patient's family."

"Did anything happen to her?" Qin Chu felt his heart hanging in suspense.

The words 'riot' and 'conflict' sent him into extreme tension. He was afraid that Huo Mian had gotten injured.

"Nothing big happened, she only bruised her head" Before Gao Ran could finish his sentence, Qin Chu hung up the call with a 'smack'.

This dude Gao Ran, how could he say that nothing big happened? She bruised her head!

After the call, Qin Chu was in a bad mood...

The look on his face darkened...

Beside him, Yang felt a chilling breeze pass by...

"Give the notice to cancel that conference call. I have to leave."

"Yes, sir."

Yang had been working with Qin Chu for a while now, and he was smart enough to never ask what the president was up to.

From Yang's viewpoint, the only thing that could make his boss panic was that woman with the last name 'Huo'.

"Gao Ran, when can I leave?" Huo Mian was antsy and wanted to return to the hospital to see how the situation was being handled.

"After your family comes to bail you out."

"Bail?" Huo Mian was a little shocked.

"Mhm," Gao Ran replied as he filled out documents.

"So I just have to call a family member and ask them to come here." Huo Mian thought that it was fine for Zhixin to come, because it was only a signature, right?

However, Gao Ran suddenly said, "I already called Qin Chu."

Huo Mian was totally shocked...

"You called Qin Chu?"

"Isn't he a family member?" Gao Ran raised his head and questioned.

Huo Mian fell silent and went over the fact that Gao Ran probably already knew about her relationship with Qin Chu.

It wasn't surprising. It was very normal for Gao Ran to know, since they were really good friends. Their relationship was like her relationship with Zhu Lingling.

Qin Chu arrived in less than ten minutes, having run six red lights and driven on the wrong side of the road.

He entered, looking travel-worn. He headed in the direction of Huo Mian and Gao Ran.

As he left the company, he already saw the video trending in his WeChat friend circle and understood why such a violent incident occurred in front of the First Hospital.

"Chu, you're here. Come and sign," Gao Ran waved at him.

Qin Chu walked over, glancing at Huo Mian first before speaking in a dark tone, "Wait for me."

Then, he looked back at Gao Ran and demanded, "Where's the family of the patient held at?"

"Oh, they're over there. I only detained their representative. I let the others go after educating them"

Before Gao Ran could finish speaking, he saw Qin Chu heading towards the detention room.

"Hey, Chu, where are you going? I'm not finished yet!" Gao Ran yelled after him.

Qin Chu walked over and loosened his tie with his hands before kicking open the door with a 'bang'.

At that moment, the husband of the pregnant woman was leaning against the wall, looking like a full-on douchebag.

"Who are you?" the man irritably asked Qin Chu.

Without speaking a word, Qin Chu walked over, grabbed the man, and punched him in the face.

Fresh blood flew out from the man's nostrils.

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