My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1780

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“I bet 5,000 yuan that Huo Mian will change his mind.” Wei Liao smiled.

“Ahem, me too, Huo Mian will definitely win,” Gao Ran added, confident in Huo Mian’s abilities.

“You guys suck, Rick’s better than that! Huo Mian won’t be able to brainwash him that easily,” Zhu Lingling refuted.

“So, Mrs. Gao, are you betting on Rick?” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Of course I’m not! As Mian’s best friend, I’ll always be on her side.” Zhu Lingling smiled.

“Ha, I thought you were better than us, I guess not!” Tang Chuan burst out in laughter.

Ni Yang and Chen Jie watched in silence; both of them were a bit shy, so they didn’t join the conversation.

“Yu, where’s Mian?” Grandpa Su suddenly looked towards them and asked.

“Oh… she went to see her friend out, she’ll be back soon.”

“It seems like something bad happened, is that girl okay?”

The older generation didn’t know what happened; all they saw was a girl leaving in tears, and wondered what in the world could have happened.

“Don’t worry, Huo Mian will deal with it,” Su Yu replied with confidence.

“Good then.”

Then, Grandpa Su and the others went back to eating, chatting, and playing with the twins.

Rick and Huo Mian walked side by side on the path towards the gates of the Su Estate as countless guards hovered around them.

“Have you really made your decision?”

Rick tilted his head to look at Huo Mian. “You mean between me and Xixi?”

“What else would I be talking about?” Huo Mian replied, clearly unhappy.

“I think so… We’re just not meant to be,” Rick said with a sigh.

“I don’t think so though, everything depends on human effort. We can’t blame our life and bad luck on fate. It’s just avoidance in another form…”

Upon hearing this, Rick remained silent. In his mind, he wasn’t as smart or as articulate as Huo Mian. Therefore, he decided to stop resisting and just let her talk.

“Rick, what do you think is the most important thing in a person’s life?”

Rick slightly froze after hearing Huo Mian’s question; he realized that he actually didn’t know how to answer it.

She continued, “A lot of people think that the most important things are those they cannot have or lost since it was never theirs, to begin with. But I think that’s just reflective of human greed. The truth is, we should treasure what we have now, but not everyone gets that. In the end, they regret what happened after the fact. Some people still think about the woman they loved in their youth when they’re in their sixties or seventies. What’s the point of that?”

“Huo Mian, what are you trying to say? Just say it,” Rick suddenly said.

With a hopeless expression on her face, Huo Mian sighed and continued, “There are more than 6 billion people on this planet, and the chances of two people finding their soulmate and falling in love are next to nothing, so fate’s bound to intervene. Falling in love is hard, Qin Chu and I were apart for seven years, and we’ve been through so much. The only thing I regret today is not being by his side when I had the chance, and now I might never be able to do that. Rick, you can’t fool me, I know you still love Xixi, but you can’t give her what she wants. Therefore, you think the best way to treat her is to let her go and wish her all the best. But to Xixi, you being by her side is the only way she can be happy. It’s just like back when Qin Chu decided to divorce me because of Huo Siqian’s threats. He thought he was doing me a favor, but he wasn’t, because Qin Chu didn’t know that I don’t care about anyone or anything else except for him. I’d rather die before divorcing him… I wanted to be his wife for the rest of my life.”

“Huo Mian…” Rick said, touched by her words.

“Rick, men and women are different. In relationships, men think that women won’t leave if they still love them, but women think that men will go find them if they still love them. So she decided to run away because you didn’t stop her from leaving…”

“Just tell me, Rick, do you still love Xixi?”

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