My Youth Began With Him Chapter 1797

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“Sir, your hand…” Huo Siqian’s men were immediately freaked out by the blood.

“Get the hell out my face. You useless garbage, the guy’s already back yet you couldn’t find anything… What’s the use of keeping you all?” Huo Siqian spat angrily through clenched teeth.

Because of this man, Huo Siqian spent the last four years completely restless. Now, he was here before him, without any warning.

If Su Yu was saddened by Qin Chu’s return, then Huo Siqian was filled with pure annoyance. His hand continued to drip blood from the glass shards, but he didn’t feel the pain at all.

Compared to these external wounds, Huo Mian’s smile when she was next to Qin Chu hurt him even more – her smile was so big and genuine that it was hurting his eyes…

After Huo Mian spoke, she handed the microphone to Qin Chu, gesturing for him to say something. The latter looked around the room and slowly said, with his deep and sexy voice, “Thank you all for attending my daughters’ birthday party, thank you.”

All Qin Chu said was one simple sentence, but the crowd went wild. Huo Mian waved her hand and dinner began to serve, while the family of four made their way down from the stage.

It was such a picturesque scene to see; Yang Meirong almost broke into tears upon seeing her daughter’s family finally whole again.

Zhixin stood up and ran up to Qin Chu, hugging him tightly. “Brother-in-Law, I …”

“Zhixin, thank you for taking care of your sister when I couldn’t,” Qin Chu said slowly.

“Don’t say that, we’re family. I’m just glad you’re back.”

Everyone in the Su Family was dumbfounded; perhaps they thought that Qin Chu would never come back, since it had already been four years since he disappeared. If that was the case, then Su Yu would still have a chance.

But now that he was back, Su Yu…

“Grandpa Su, Mrs. Su, Mr. Su… thank you for taking Mian and my daughters in back then, I really don’t know how to thank you. If you ever need our family’s help in any way, please just say the word,” Qin Chu said. Then, he bowed down three times at the three of them.

“No, no, it’s okay. Stand up…” Grandpa Su immediately helped Qin Chu up. He knew this man was his grandson’s love rival, but he still didn’t have the heart to just sit there. “Don’t say that, we treat Mian, Pudding, and Little Bean like our own. We were happy to have them stay with us.”

“Grandpa Su, I will visit you at your estate another day and express my gratitude.” Qin Chu’s expression shone with sincerity; he really meant what he said – he was truly grateful to the Su Family.

“Mom, I’m sorry for making you worry.” Qin Chu turned around and looked at Yang Meirong, who was quietly shedding tears. The latter emotionally held her hand up. “I’m so happy you’re back, your family’s whole now.”

“Meirong, this is a good thing, don’t cry, okay?” Mrs. Su said as she handed Yang Meirong a tissue.

In the face of Qin Chu’s sudden return, everyone had different emotions.

Then, Qin Chu and Huo Mian walked to table two, where Jiang Xiaowei, Zhu Lingling, and the others were.

Qin Chu and Gao Ran stared at each other for three seconds; then, they hugged. Even someone as manly as Gao Ran couldn’t help but shed a few tears. “I really thought… You really scared the crap out of us,” he said, choking on his words.

“I’m back now.” Qin Chu smiled.

Zhu Lingling grabbed Huo Mian’s hand and whispered, “Mian, go check on Su Yu, he…”

“What’s wrong?” Huo Mian asked, a little surprised.

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