My Youth Began With Him Chapter 203

"I did. Are you talking about the high school student who helped an eighty-year-old man up from the street but was blackmailed? Can you believe this world? They all say that old men become bad men, but I think it's that the bad people have all aged. The student's parents were unwilling to compensate, so the old man went to cause a scene at the student's high school. He even latched onto the kid's leg and wouldn't let go. Such scoundrels. I'm never going to butt into others' business in the future. Thank goodness you helped me out last time, but I won't be Mary Sue again. I'd rather be called heartless for not helping."

Huo Mian went on as Qin Chu watched her quietly.

Finally, he said, "Mian, that's not it. I think you know what I was asking about."

Seeing Qin Chu's serious expression, Huo Mian no longer had the courage to change the subject. She nodded, "The news about you and that female celebrity? I think she's pretty."

"Is that all?" Qin Chu frowned, clearly unhappy with her answer.

"What else am I supposed to say?" Huo Mian was confused.

"I don't actually know Luo Feifei. The company asked her to be our spokesperson because she's popular, but we terminated her contract today, and I ordered GK and all its subsidiaries to never use her again in the future."

"Um won't you have to pay her a lot of money?"

"That doesn't matter, as long as you don't misunderstand me."

"I won't, last night the two of us were having dinner, remember? The media tends to randomly write about stuff like this, so don't get angry," Huo Mian comforted him.

Qin Chu took off his jacket, lit a cigarette, and leaned on the couch. He looked at Huo Mian.

"But today during the press conference she purposely tried to get ahead by making things seem real."

Huo Mian smiled, "Isn't that normal? Female celebrities all do stuff like that. I know it's not real, just their way of trying to get others' attention."

"I don't care, I won't allow the use of my personal life to catch the attention of other people."

"I know." Huo Mian nodded.



"Do you trust me?" Qin Chu asked gently.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean how much do you trust me? Do you trust that I won't cheat on you?" Qin Chu stared at Huo Mian without blinking, as if he was trying to figure out her thoughts.

Huo Mian nodded. "I trust you."


Huo Mian pointed at her head, "I have a good brain, what kind of genius would I be if I can't tell the difference between what is true and what isn't?"

Moved, Qin Chu lifted his arm. "Mian, come here."

Rarely obedient, Huo Mian shuffled over to Qin Chu.

Qin Chu reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

He buried his head in the nook of her neck

The warmth of his breath tickled Huo Mian

This intimate gesture made her heart beat uncontrollably.

He said, "Mian, whatever happens in the future, just remember that I don't care about what anyone thinks. As long as you trust me, I will have no regrets, even if I die."

"Don't say stuff like that. You're not going to die." Huo Mian pinched Qin Chu's face.

Qin Chu lifted his hand to gently sweep away the loose hairs on Huo Mian's forehead.

He looked at her up and down, as if he couldn't get enough of her.

"What are you staring at? Haven't you seen beautiful women before?" Feeling awkward, Huo Mian snorted purposely.

The corner of Qin Chu's lips curled, "Honestly, I've never seen a beautiful woman that would come out of the shower naked, covering nothing but her face."

"Argh, are you going to bring that up for the rest of our lives?" Huo Mian's embarrassment turned into fury, and she jammed her fist into Qin Chu's chest.

She didn't use a lot of strength, and to him, it seemed more like flirting

He grabbed her arm and drew her lips onto his, biting them gently

It was warm, ticklish, with a hint of desire.

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