My Youth Began With Him Chapter 333

Chapter 333: A Standoff Between Money and Power (5)
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Huo Mian immediately shook her head when she heard her mother's accusation, "I'm not."

"That's for the best. Remember, you can marry anyone in this world, but not him. There's just too much between the two of you not just a human life, but also seven years of hatred."

Huo Mian knew how much her mom hated the Qin family; back then, they humiliated her, and the neighbors mocked her for an entire year.

Rumors were scary; they talked about how Yang Meirong was a homewrecker when she was young, and how her daughter was a little vixen who seduced a rich heir and planned to elope with him.

Their failed elopement was also something that neither families would ever be able to forget

Back then, Qin Chu planned on leaving with Huo Main to the United States. They already got their passports and were waiting for their visa to be approved.

However, for some reason, Qin Chu's parents found out, which led to Uncle Jing's tragic accident.

In the end, Huo Mian cut off all ties with Qin Chu, and he left for the States himself

Huo Mian, on the other hand, faced all those rumors this whole time. Although her grades were high enough to attend Jing City's best medical school or maybe even an overseas medical scholarship program, because of Uncle Jing's death, all of that went to hell.

She became the sole bread maker for her family; her mother might've been through a lot over the past few years, but so had she.

No one lived as carefully as she did

If Qin Chu hadn't returned, she would have remained an ordinary woman all her life and died that way.

"Mom, I know, don't worry," Huo Mian vaguely replied, trying to hide her feelings.

After breakfast, Huo Main drove away from her mother's old house.

Distracted, she almost ran a few red lights.

Near an intersection by the overpass, Huo Mian suddenly stepped on her brakes.

She frowned after seeing the traffic light signal

The red-light countdown was 300 seconds

Seriously?? A 300 second red light?

This was the first time she's ever seen a red light so long. Usually, it was supposed to be 90 seconds, and even that was in the busy downtown area.

Why was there a stupid red light this long at an overpass that never jammed?

Flabbergasted, Huo Mian took out her phone and took a photo of it.

A black Lexus was parked not far from her off to the side.

The windows were tinted black so no one could see from the outside. However, the person inside could see everything out there.

Su Yu sat in the back seat of the luxury car with a can of cola in his hand. He stared at the girl sitting in the white car.

He missed her, but he didn't have the guts to see her.

He wasn't chickening out, but he was afraid that she would reject him again.

The women in Su Yu's life all threw themselves at him, but the first time he fell for someone, he was rejected.

He felt hurt for days; even when he was out drinking with Wei Liao and the others every night, he still couldn't get Huo Mian off his mind.

He actually became a complete celibate ever since he met her, and that even shocked himself.

No one interested him, no matter how beautiful she was. Even if someone as pretty as Zhao Qingya were to strip naked in front of him, he would not feel an urge to do anything.

Therefore, he believed that he might have become sick become sick with something called 'Su Yu fell for Huo Mian'.

After some struggle, he decided to tackle the intersection Huo Main drove past every day.

He ordered the traffic police to change it to the longest light possible, and indeed, Huo Mian was stuck here.

Huo Mian's head was down and she was playing with her phone. She didn't know that someone was staring at her.

300 seconds passed by in a flash, and the car behind her honked.

Huo Mian immediately stepped on the gas pedal

Su Yu muttered to himself, "300 seconds is a little short, I should get them to make it 900 seconds next time."

- GK Headquarters -

Qin Chu had just finished his morning meeting when Gao Ran called him.

"What's up?" He had a feeling that Gao Ran's news was never good when he called him at work.

"Stay calm and let me finish, okay?"


"The bureau just issued an arrest warrant that I'm supposed to lead. Um the person we're arresting is your Huo Mian."

Qin Chu's face immediately fell upon hearing this an arrest warrant? What the hell was going on?
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