My Youth Began With Him Chapter 334

Chapter 334: A Standoff Between Money and Power (6)
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"Arrest warrant?" Qin Chu repeated grimly, making sure that he heard correctly.


"To arrest my Mian?" Qin Chu reiterated.

"That's right, your wife, Huo Mian." Gao Ran was speechless as well.

Truth be told, when Gao Ran saw the arrest warrant, he was almost scared sh*tless.

The arrests ordered by the higher ups usually targeted wanted criminals who committed the most heinous of crimes.

Since the orders were given to the Municipal Bureau's First Criminal Police Unit, they had to treat it like a major crime.

"So did my wife kill someone or set a place on fire?" Qin Chu asked in dismay.

He found it hard to imagine what his wife could've done to be issued an arrest warrant by the Municipal Bureau's criminal police division, although they have yet to do so.

"Neither I heard that she pissed off the Zhou family a while back, don't tell me you didn't know about it."

"That overnight billionaire who got rich from mining?" Qin Chu asked with disdain.

He hadn't even picked a bone with them yet, where did they have the audacity to strike first? Were they sick of living?

"Yeah, that's the one. They have some money, so I don't know who they bribed. Apparently, they submitted proof of the crime that your wife, Huo Mian, used a sharp object to severely injure Mr. Zhou. He's still at the hospital, so the higher-ups have ordered us to arrest her first and detain her for a few days before she stands trial."

"They are really courting death" Qin Chu said with a dark expression.

"So what should we do now?" Gao Ran asked carefully.

"I'd like to see who has the guts to touch her," Qin Chu threatened.

"Dude, of course I know I can't actually arrest her, but I need to at least do something about it. I think you should call my dad yourself. If I call him because of a woman, he'll think that it's personal."


Then, before Gao Ran could respond, Qin Chu hung up the phone.

Five minutes later, the director of Gao Ran's bureau called him, "Gao, don't arrest her yet! Your dad just called me and said that she has a special status. Okay, let's make sure we don't arrest the wrong person."

"Oh, I see, okay then, Director. I'll wait for further orders." Gao Ran played dumb as if he didn't know what was happening.

Of course, a phone call from Qin Chu was much more effective than a phone call from himself; his father always liked Qin Chu, ever since he was a young boy.

After Qin Chu called Gao Ran's father, he sat in his office for a long time, thinking about the situation.

Although Mian was fine now and didn't have to be detained, he couldn't wait any longer. It was time for retaliation.

The Zhou Family seemed to have made their first move

"Assistant Yang."

"Yes sir."

"Cancel all my business trips for the week, and make sure you free up my schedule."

"Sir, GK's vacation village project in the neighboring city is being initiated in three days, and it needed your attendance"

"I have more important things to tend to."

After Qin Chu said this, Yang immediately understood and didn't say more.

"I got it, sir." Then, he turned around to leave the office.

- Around 5:20 PM, at South Side Recuperation Center -

"Hi, I'm looking for a Ms. Huo Mian."

"I'm Huo Mian." Huo Mian looked around from the on-call booth to see a delivery guy.

"This is for you, please sign here."

The man took out an envelope and handed it to Huo Mian.

After she signed for it, she thanked the delivery guy and brought the envelope back to her office.

She looked at the thin envelope, and her eyelids twitched dramatically for some reason. She had a weird, oppressing feeling.

Once she saw what the document inside was, her expression changed.

The word "Summons" was written on top.

This was this a court summons? Was she being sued?

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