My Youth Began With Him Chapter 396

"I would like to officially resign, I don't think the president position at GK suits me."

'What do you think you're doing?"

"Nothing, I'm an adult with my own ideas, and if you won't let me do things my way, then I might as well not do it."

"Do you know what you're giving up on?" Qin Yumin filled with rage.

"I know. You and grandpa built GK from scratch, and I was lucky enough to be born into the Qin family. GK doesn't belong to me, and I never wanted it for myself. I can leave this place with Huo Mian and start over again in another city. I'm still young, and there are lots of things that I still haven't tried yet. If you can give me this opportunity, I will be extremely grateful."

Qin Chu's eyes filled with sincererity when he said this

This wasn't something he said to purposefully agitate his father; this thought had been on his mind for a while now.

He never really wanted to be the GK's president. However, it was a family business, and therefore he had no choice but to step up and take responsibility.

But, if his father said for himself that he didn't need to take over GK, then that's good; he'll be completely free.

With his current status as an MD who graduated from Harvard's Medical School, his and Huo Mian's lives would be set if they were to open a hospital.

So money, fame, and status were not at all appealing to him...

"You're my only son. I can't believe that you would say something like this. Your mother and I spent so much effort raising you, and that's how you are going to repay us?"

"I thank you and my mom for giving birth to me, I truly am grateful for that. It's just that, over these years, you guys seemed to have intervened in my life too many times, and I nearly lost what's nearest and dearest to my heart. Dad, I'm not you, so I can't feel what you feel, and I don't want to say how much I hate you and mother for what you've done. However the truth is, growing up, I've been hurt more times than any other child, all because of the two of you. Up until today, I still respected your decisions and opinions, but there's only one thing I have left to say to you. If the charity isn't approved, then I will immediately resign And if you ever disapprove of any of my decisions later on, I will still immediately resign"

"You?" Qin Yumin was overwhelmed with rage as he looked at the son that he and his wife raised for almost thirty years.

"Qin Chu, you've disappointed me too much," Qin Yumin said profoundly as he looked at his son.

"Truth be told, Dad. You and mother have disappointed me as well, but I don't blame you."

"So you're never going to give up on Huo Mian? No matter what I say?" Qin Yumin made one last attempt.

After Qin Chu hesitated for three seconds, he slowly looked up and said, "Dad, I've already married Huo Mian."

"What?" Qin Yumin stumbled back several steps and looked at his son, his eyes widened with shock.

Qin Chu added, "We're really married, even though there wasn't a wedding, we are already registered at the Civil Affairs Bureau, so Huo Mian and I are legally married, making Huo Mian my wife. How could I ever give up on my most beloved wife?"

Qin Yumin's chest raced like a motor when he suddenly heard the news that his son was married

He couldn't digest it all at once...

He only just tried to convince his son to give up on that unworthy peasant girl.

Qin Yumin always felt like Huo Mian had sway over Qin Chu's thoughts and made him more peasant-like.

He was no longer cold, no longer decisive, and no longer like a merciless businessman

"You when did you two get married?" Qin Yumin asked each word with extreme difficulty.

"A little over four months ago not long after I returned to China," Qin Chu faintly replied.

Qin Yumin felt his head explode and he momentarily lost his ability to think; the shock was just too much for him to handle.

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