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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 415

"Haha you must be kidding me. Our president returned to the country less than 6 months ago."

"We got married less than 6 months ago," Huo Mian replied.

"But I never got news that our president got married. Apparently, he doesn't even have a girlfriend." Wang Tao seriously thought back at everything he heard about President Qin.

"An employee your level probably doesn't have the clearance to know something like this."

"Haha I still don't believe you, your joke is a little too much."

Wang Tao was positive that this woman was bluffing

Although she was wearing luxury-brand casual clothes, that didn't mean that she was the president's wife.

Huo Mian put down the beer bottle in her hand and said slowly, "So, do you want to make a bet with me?"

"What bet?" Wang Tao froze for a second.

"I can call Qin Chu right now and ask him to fire you immediately. If you are notified by the company when you get there tomorrow, that means I'm telling the truth. If nothing happens, then I'm lying. But you should consider this bet carefully, since you'll be putting your career on the line. After all, you must've worked hard to become the deputy manager at a company like that. Let me see, looking at your current position, plus year-end bonuses, you must earn about 800,000 yuan a year. That's not bad."

Wang Tao became nervous at what she said

"What if you were lying and lost the bet?"

"If I'm lying, I'll kneel down in front of GK tomorrow morning and call you my daddy, what do you think?"

"No thanks." He wasn't an idiot; plus, he saw how confident Huo Mian was.

He wasn't convinced, but he was also not willing to bet his entire career on this. After all, he worked hard and long to get to where he was now.

He was already 37 years old and finally successful. He would cry his eyes out if he lost everything because of a stupid bet.

Therefore, in the end, Wang Tao wasn't brave enough to make the bet with Huo Mian

"Pretty girl, since we met each other here, why don't we have a drink and get to know each other" Wang Tao thought about it; if that woman was really his boss' wife, he should suck up to her right? If she ended up saying nice things about him to the president, he might be able to receive another promotion.

"Is it okay for you to harass your boss's wife like this? Aren't you afraid that the president will fire you? Be a smart guy and leave before I lose my patience. Or else you'll regret it."

Huo Mian hated being hit on at a bar She was here because she wasn't in a good mood and wanted to drink.

Therefore, she issued an unfriendly warning to the man in front of him

Wang Tao was truly afraid of stepping over the line. He nodded, "Okay then, I'll be leaving now. Enjoy your stay."

After Wang Tao left, Huo Mian sent Zhu Lingling a WeChat message, asking her to come out. However, she didn't reply to her.

If Zhu Lingling didn't reply, it meant that she was on a plane.

She had known Zhu Lingling for years but still didn't understand her schedule. It always seemed super messy.

There was no set schedule

Just then, a group of a dozen or so people, both men and women, sat down beside her.

A bald man, who looked like he was all fat and no brains, sat in the middle of the group. He was wearing a flowery shirt and a thick gold chain.

He had his fat arms around two pretty women on both sides

As soon as they sat down, the waiter brought up some liquor and fruit.

"Big Brother Yong, that girl's not bad." A pointy-tongued, monkey-like man pointed at Huo Mian, who was sitting beside them.

The bald man looked over; he narrowed his eyes and checked her out up and down

"Go, get her over here and ask her to have a drink with me."

"Sounds good." The pointy-faced, monkey-like man got up and shuffled over to her.

"Hi, pretty lady, my big brother here is asking you to go and have a drink with him."

Huo Mian ignored him

"Pretty lady, my big brother is not just anybody. You won't have to drink for free. How does 1000 yuan per shot sound?" the man laughed as he asked her.

Huo Mian finally reacted. She looked over at the bald man and asked faintly, "Why don't you ask your big brother to have a drink with me instead? I'll pay him 10,000 yuan. What do you think?"

"What?" The man wasn't sure if he heard right.

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