My Youth Began With Him Chapter 527

Huo Mian first handed a card to Su Yu. Su Yu picked up the card and looked at it with an emotionless face.

He raised his head to look at Huo Mian once, his eyes filled with strange complexities

It was as if it was worth a thousand words

Huo Mian didn’t look at Su Yu. Instead, she continued to deal to Qin Chu.

After both of them received their card, the dealer declared, “You can show your cards now.”

Su Yu slowly revealed his card, and it was a queen.

The truth was, he knew that he definitely lost when he received a queen, because there weren’t any aces left, and king was the biggest.

Since he received a queen, then Qin Chu must’ve received a king.

Sure enough, Qin Chu had the red King of hearts.

Thunderous applause followed

“I announce that the winner is President Qin, and he receives the title of the Gamble God of the Night of Lawrence’s Pearl,” announced the foreign executive.

Everyone went wild

Not far away, Wei Liao took out a cigarette. He sadly took a drag without saying anything.

“Su Yu lost to Qin Chu.” Tang Chuan was quite upset and felt bad for that bottle of Louis XIV.

“Wrong, he didn’t lose to Qin Chu, he lost to Huo Mian,” Wei Liao said profoundly.

Finally, the owner of the cruise, Lawrence, showed up, with famous Hollywood female celebrities by his side.

He was sleek and personally signed the 180 million American dollar check to Qin Chu. He then took a photo with him to remember the moment.

When Huo Mian got off stage, she walked past Su Yu and said two words, “I’m sorry.”

“You’re welcome,” Su Yu oddly replied with that, and then he sadly got up and left.

He didn’t participate in the luxurious celebration gala

After the Gamble God was revealed, Lawrence ordered to have a hundred champagnes opened, and the atmosphere became instantly festive.

Popular European and American male singers sang a very upbeat rock and roll song

Zhu Lingling forcefully pulled Huo Mian into the crowd to dance…

The truth was, Huo Mian felt terrible. Su Yu even begged her that all he wanted was to dance with her.

However, she still didn’t give him the chance and left all the good stuff for Qin Chu.

Qin Chu walked off the stage and hugged Huo Mian. “Thank you for everything.”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Thanks, honey.”

“I did what I should’ve done.” Huo Mian smiled faintly. Qin Chu won, which was what she wanted from the beginning.

However, why does she feel oddly bad for Su Yu?

– Inside one of the suites –

“You must be tired, you should go to bed early,” comforted Wei Liao.

“You should go to sleep first, I feel a bit stuffy, and want to get a breath of fresh air”

“You won’t jump into the sea, right Su Yu?”

“Hell no, I haven’t lived enough yet.” After Su Yu spoke, he turned to leave the room and walked onto the deck.

There was a chair on the deck, so Su Yu sat down, all depressed, and then started drinking the liquor he brought along with him.

He didn’t think he did anything wrong, he only wanted to dance with her for one song

All he wanted was to stand with her underneath the spotlight, why was that so hard to achieve?

“You’re drinking all by yourself?”

A voice sounded from behind him, and Su Yu was quite surprised when he turned around. “Why are you here?”

Huo Siqian slowly walked over in a bathrobe, “I wanted to come the first day, but I couldn’t get away from the company. You also know that old man’s son likes to cause trouble, and he hasn’t stopped after he returned from the Philippines. He caused quite a lot of issues for me, so I had to force my way out and only got here today. Luckily, I didn’t miss the grand finale.”

“Hehe yeah, it was pretty grand.” Su Yu smiled bitterly.

Huo Siqian poured two glasses of liquor and passed one to Su Yu. He slowly said, “What’s there to be sad about? You have to get used to it. Mian’s feelings for Qin Chu didn’t just happen over a day or two, it has been accumulating for days, months, and years. Do you understand?’

“I do, I really do.” Su Yu felt a slight pain in his chest as he spoke.

He clearly knew that Huo Mian loved Qin Chu, and it had always been Qin Chu, so why did he still have his hopes up?

“So, you might as well let go of her you’re Young Master Su who can have anything he wants in this world. Why would you emotionally and physically tire yourself out like this?” Huo Siqian stared at Su Yu and consoled him as he took a small sip from his glass.

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