My Youth Began With Him Chapter 683

“You’re pretty weird you’re clearly a clean freak yet you would eat my leftovers.”

Huo Mian vaguely remembered that in high school, a girl in their class accidentally poured milk on Qin Chu’s clothes.

The girl was very apologetic at the time and offered to take it to the dry cleaners for Qin Chu

However, Qin Chu immediately took off his shirt and tossed it into the trash can

Since then, he never wore clothes from that brand again

Everyone knew that he was a germaphobe, and strangers couldn’t even get near him

Yet, he let Huo Mian step on his feet to sneakily cut off the sleeves of his camouflage shirt during military training.

She was allowed to pour chili powder into his water bottle

She was even allowed to fall asleep on his desk and drool all over him

Thinking back, what she did was truly unbearable and embarrassing

“Your leftovers taste delicious,” Qin Chu said out of nowhere.

Huo Mian immediately didn’t know what to say

“Honey, did you ever use to think that I was really annoying? I was so arrogant, was a big show-off and often played pranks on you.”

“Of course I did,” Qin Chu calmly replied while he ate.

“Then, why would you still fall for me?”

“Who said that I fell for you?”

Huo Mian, “”

“I’m clearly taking my revenge on you I couldn’t hate you more, so that’s why I trapped you by my side.”

Huo Mian, “”

“Fine, Hubby you win.” Huo Mian was speechless at his theory of revenge.

After they ate, Qin Chu gracefully wiped the corners of his mouth, and then stood up

“Let’s go”

“Where?” Huo Mian filled with suspicion.

“I heard that someone bought plenty of vegetable seeds, didn’t she want to plant vegetables herself?” Amused, Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian.

“Ahem do you think that I’m a bit immature?”

“That’s right, indeed very immature but I like it.”

He liked her, which meant that he liked all the good things and bad things about her, including her child-like immaturities

They changed into leisurewear and held each other’s hands as they walked towards the vegetable garden behind the mansion with the vegetable seeds.

The gardeners were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped

“Young Master, Young Madam, let us handle these otherwise, you’ll be covered with dirt.”

“No, it’s okay, we’ll be fine by ourselves. You guys should take a break.” Huo Mian smiled.

She and Qin Chu then happily kept themselves busy in various ways

Under the gardeners’ guidance, Qin Chu held up the pickaxe to dig holes

Huo Mian then placed the seeds inside, covered them with dirt, and poured water on them

There were a few types of seeds that were directly planted. It was tiring, but they enjoyed the work

It was already 8:30 PM by the time they finished planting

The sky had already turned completely dark

The two of them sat on a swing in the back garden

Huo Mian cuddled in Qin Chu’s arms as they swung on it

Then they looked at the stars in the sky and listened to the birds singing

“Honey, did you know? Back then, I never dared to imagine a life like this but now it has really come true,” Huo Mian exclaimed.

Qin Chu softly caressed Huo Mian’s hair

“If you want to, we can live like this forever.”

“Yes, forever” Huo Mian tightly held onto Qin Chu’s hand.

It was rare for them to enjoy such silence amongst all the noise as well as such peaceful scenery

– At Seductive Fox Nightclub –

Su Yu had been very quiet recently Although he lost the battle with Qin Chu, it only increased his desire for war.

Therefore, he poured most of his energy into his company recently, as he tried to compete with GK Film and Television.

While they drank, Su Yu suddenly remembered something, and he laughingly asked Wei Liao, “Have you been talking to that girl who made you run around naked?”

No wonder Mr. Su was the boss of the entertainment industry He clearly had a natural inclination for gossip.

“Oh yeah she’s still talking to me, I plan to attend her engagement party this Sunday,” Wei Liao slowly said as he held a wine glass.

“Pftttt engagement ceremony?” Su Yu and Tang Chuan both spat out their drinks

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