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My Youth Began With Him Chapter 787

“Hey do you really think it’s okay to talk behind others’ backs?” Zhu Lingling demanded aggressively.

“Huh? Who are you?”

Baffled, the women turned around to look at Zhu Lingling

“I’m a friend of GK’s young madam, you have a problem with that? I find people like you who talk smack about people behind their backs disgusting.”

“We are free to say whatever we want.”

“You are free to speak, but you can’t twist the truth, can you? Mistress? Let me tell you, Huo Yanyan’s mom is the ultimate mistress I can’t believe she had the willpower to live under the same roof as Huo Zhenghai’s wife for all those years. Plus Huo Yanyan was a stupid b*tch when she was in school I can’t believe you would believe things that she said, you’re all more retarded than that stupid b*tch.”

Zhu Lingling was always coarse in her choice of words, and she immediately blew up when others disparaged Huo Mian.

Therefore, she forgot that there were people around them and began yelling at them and people started gathering around them.

Huo Mian immediately walked up to her and grabbed her. “Lingling, forget it, let’s go.”

“Forget what? If we don’t teach these people a lesson, they’ll think that you’re easy to bully”

One of the women recognized Huo Mian and muttered under her breath, “Damn it, why is she here?”

Just then, Song Yishi, who remained silent all this time, opened her mouth, “Huo Mian they’re just gossiping and didn’t defame you on purpose. Please don’t get mad.”

Before Huo Mian had the chance to say anything, Zhu Lingling viciously glared at Song Yishi, “It’s easier said than done if someone talked smack about you, and then said that they were just gossiping and you shouldn’t get mad, would you be okay with it?”

Song Yishi’s expression changed slightly

“You people you’re all dressed in such expensive clothes, but the words you say don’t match your status Socialites? Are you kidding me?”

“Mind your own business, who the hell do you think you are? Waiter, chase this shrew out of the coffee shop, she’s so embarrassing.”

One of the girls clamored

The waiter walked up to them, “Miss, I’m sorry, could you please leave? There’s no yelling in here.”

“We’re customers, why do we have to leave? Shouldn’t they leave for insulting others?” Zhu Lingling was raging.

“We’re gold-card members are you? As members, we can do what we want here” one of the women boasted arrogantly.

“Please leave, you’re holding up our business.”

The waiter recognized those women because they were frequent customers.

However, he didn’t know who Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling were

So, his attitude was obvious act like a snob and suck up to the rich people

In the beginning, Huo Mian didn’t take offense. She wanted to pull Zhu Lingling away because she didn’t want to cause trouble.

However, the waiter’s attitude infuriated her.

Huo Mian took out her phone and called Yang, “Get someone from the Finance Department down here and evaluate something for me.”

“Young Madam, are you planning something?”

“I want to purchase a coffee shop.”

Ten minutes after Huo Mian’s phone call, 7 Mercedes Benz stopped outside the coffee shop, all from GK.

Out came bodyguards, a financial team, and assistants.

It was as if Huo Mian had launched a campaign of some sort

The women were flabbergasted; they were shocked by Huo Mian’s efficiency

Was she looking to fight them? Of course not, she was just showing off her wealth

“Young Madam,” Yang greeted her politely.

“I don’t care how, what you do or how much you spend I want to buy this coffee shop as soon as possible.”

Huo Mian issued Yang an ultimate mission

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