My Youth Began With Him Chapter 846

It turned out that her instincts were correct

Because Qin Chu said, “Let’s go at it again all night tonight and fight poison with poison. I promise you’ll feel better tomorrow.”

“Screw you”

Huo Mian started cursing

If they went crazy tonight like they did last night, she would probably fall apart.

She would feel better tomorrow? Was he tricking to trick a 3-year-old?

Vacation time always passed by really fast

They enjoyed 3 mesmerizing nights and 4 wonderful days in the Maldives.

They took countless stunning wedding photos, played in the ocean, sat on a cruise ship Everything was as luxurious as can be.

Huo Mian was reluctant to leave and kept looking back as they headed out

“Honey, did you like it here?”

“Yeah.” Huo Mian nodded obediently.

“Then let’s come once a year, what do you say?” Qin Chu rubbed her head lovingly.


Huo Mian kept looking down even after their plane took off.

From where she was sitting, the beautiful Paradise Island looked like a teardrop in the Indian Ocean.

This place was so beautiful that it took people’s’ breaths away

The Maldives was a place that after one visit, everyone would want to return to.

Huo Mian was no different from the rest

If she had time in the future, she really wanted to come back a couple more times

After ten or so hours of flying and two transfers, they returned to C City.

Qin Chu slept for a bit on the plane and went to GK right after they arrived at the airport at 3 PM.

Huo Mian and Zhixin were driven back to Sky Blessing Court by a GK driver.

While they were transferring, they passed through the duty-free shops at X City; Huo Mian bought a bunch of makeup and a jade bracelet for her mother.

Yang Meirong was elated to see her children come back, and she immediately went into the kitchen to make a bunch of dishes.

Huo Mian walked onto the balcony with her phone and called Ni Yang.

“Sister Huo Mian.”

“Do you have time to talk? I’m back in China.”

“Yeah, I’m just reading my movie script.”

“What’s up? You seemed anxious when you last called,” Huo Mian asked.

“I haven’t been feeling well recently and have been experiencing some symptoms. I thought it might be because of all the medicine I took in the past, so I wanted to ask you about it.”

Because of his celebrity status, Ni Yang rarely ever visited the hospital. After he met Huo Mian, he treated her as his personal doctor.

“Tell me your symptoms.”

“My stomach doesn’t feel well, and sometimes I feel like throwing up. I’m also constantly tired”

“Um are you pregnant?”

Ni Yang was speechless

“Sister Mian, can’t we have a normal conversation?”

“Haha, of course we can. Go on, I’m listening,” Huo Mian laughed.

“Sometimes my abdomen hurts, and recently I’ve been experiencing diarrhea.”

“Did you eat something you weren’t supposed to?” Huo Mian asked.

“I don’t think so, I haven’t been eating much recently, just some simple congee, but the same thing happens.”

“Maybe you’re experiencing indigestion. Have you been taking medicine that helps with digestion?”

“I did, but it didn’t really make a difference. My symptoms only got worse.”

“What’s your schedule like tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow I have to film in the afternoon, but I’m free in the morning.”

“Come to South Side in the morning, I’ll give you an exam.”

“Sounds good.” Ni Yang nodded.

“Okay, get some rest soon.”


After hanging up, Huo Mian walked into the kitchen.

She felt possessed with happiness as soon as she saw the tableful of food

“Mom you bought me crabs, you’re the best!”

Huo Mian was exhilarated to see a dozen giant crabs on the dining table.

“Sis seriously? We ate crabs literally every single day in the Maldives, have you not had enough? Didn’t you get sick of it?”

“Nope, I can eat seafood three times a day, no problem.”

“Okay, you win.” Zhixin was speechless.

“Call Qin Chu and ask him if he wants to come back to dinner,” Yang Meirong reminded her.


Qin Chu was in the conference room when his cellphone rang.

The atmosphere in the room was tense; after Qin Chu came back from their 5-day trip in the Maldives, he was met with an awful mess at the company.

“So did you all lose self-consciousness when I was away? Do you think you can relax and do nothing since you all earn an annual salary?”

This was Qin Chu’s first time yelling at the executives; Yang was so scared that he hid off to the side, afraid to say anything.

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