My Youth Began With Him Chapter 894

“Mom you probably don’t know what happened in Mr. Huo’s Family, right?” Huo Mian asked her mother.

“What happened?” Yang Meirong was confused; she had no idea because Huo Mian never mentioned it to her.

“Mr. Huo, should you tell her, or should I?” Huo Mian looked into Huo Zhenghai’s eyes and asked sharply.

“Uh” Huo Zhenghai didn’t know where to start.

“If you can’t say it, then I’ll say it for you. That woman, Shen Jiani, cuckolded Mr. Huo and secretly had a lover for twenty-something years. Not only was she caught on camera, but they also found out that Huo Siyi isn’t even Mr. Huo’s son.”

“What?” Yang Meirong was completely dumbfounded upon hearing this.

Huo Zhenghai took this opportunity and grabbed Yang Meirong’s hand. “Rong you’re the best. Back then, I was blind to believe that bitch, Shen Jiani. I’ve done you and our daughter wrong.”

“No, you didn’t do me wrong, just my mom Although my mother was a mistress she didn’t want to destroy your family. She loved you like an idiot.”

Huo Mian knew how much her mother had to suffer; Yang Meirong may have been a mistress, but the difference was Shen Jiani wanted money, power, and the Huo Family’s inheritance.

Yang Meirong, on the other hand, was just a woman in love. Back then, because of Huo Zhenghai’s change of heart, she even thought about ending her own life.

Thank god she met Jing De; the two of them ended up together and lived an ordinary life.

“Mr. Huo, humans shouldn’t be so power-driven Back then, you gave up on my mother. You shouldn’t come back asking for forgiveness, because not all mistakes are forgivable. You can’t come running back to us looking for sympathy, just because Shen Jiani hurt you. We’re not boo-boo fixers and can’t mend your broken heart.”

Everyone knew that Huo Mian was a woman with razor-sharp fangs.

Qin Chu sat there quietly as he watched Huo Mian act all high and mighty.

His wife sure was good at imposing pressure on others She was so hot when she was doing so.

Qin Chu almost laughed upon seeing Huo Zhenghai’s twisted face.

How on earth was his wife able to think of all those words and metaphors? Kudos to her.

“Haha great, that’s really great, I never thought that this would happen to you one day I knew that Shen Jiani wasn’t one to stay loyal to just one man.”

Yang Meirong laughed she felt like God had reprimanded Huo Zhenghai and suddenly felt as light as a feather.

“Rong I was blind, I’m sorry.”

Huo Zhenghai kept apologizing

Then, he tilted his head and looked at Huo Mian. “Mian, I didn’t come today to ask for your forgiveness. I’m here to ask you guys to verify my new will, I’ve decided to give the two of you a great chunk of my inheritance.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Huo, but we don’t need your money maybe we used to need it because we lived a poor life, but as you can see, our lives are pretty great now. My husband, Qin Chu, gives us enough to live abundantly, so we’re not interested in the specifics of your will. If you don’t know who to give it too, just donate it to a charity or an orphanage.”

There was no way Huo Mian was going to accept Huo Zhenghai’s inheritance.

Perhaps in the past, she would’ve accepted it without being a prissy.

However, now she knew that she wasn’t Huo Zhenghai’s daughter, she would never ignore her conscience and take his money.

After all, she wasn’t Shen Jiani, who was willing to do absolutely anything for money.

“Mian’s right, we don’t need money nor your inheritance.”

The truth was, Huo Zhenghai wasn’t that nice of a man. The only reason behind his decision to update his will was because Shen Jiani tricked him.

Plus, he had a plan all worked out once he became close with Huo Mian, he could rely on GK.

By then, he would be able to use Qin Chu to fight against Huo Siqian, taking back everything that used to belong to him.

Therefore, he had to give Huo Mian an incentive first. Too bad she wasn’t interested.

“Qin Chu help me, I really want to leave them with some money. If I die, at least they will have enough money to live off.” Huo Zhenghai’s gaze fell upon Qin Chu, who had been watching them silently.

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