My Youth Began With Him Chapter 901

When Su Yu arrived, people were already whispering amongst themselves…

A young woman was on the floor, blood pooling underneath her head.

She was completely naked and her body was spotlessly white.

“What happened?”

“No idea! We heard a loud ‘bang’ and found her on the ground.”

“Who is this person? Does anyone know her?” Su Yu asked the people around him.

A female artist underneath Star Imperial slowly walked up. She said quietly, “President Su, I think I know her.”

“Who is she?” An unfamiliar woman jumping to her death at his home felt bizarre and unsettling.

“She’s Zhao Qingya’s younger sister, Zhao Xiya. I’ve seen her before when Zhao Qingya brought her over to the company,” the female artist whispered.

“Zhao Qingya’s sister? Why was she here?”

An unsettling feeling crept up Su Yu’s spine…

Someone from the crowd called the police; they arrived very quickly.

The leader was Gao Ran. Since someone died as the squad captain, it was natural for him to lead the team.

“Young Master Su, sorry to interrupt, but we’ve received news of someone jumping off the building here.”

Gao Ran was dressed in a black police uniform and looked very serious.

“Yeah, she’s right here.” Su Yu pointed to the victim’s body.

Gao Ran led his team over. “Everyone please clear the way. We need to secure the crime scene. I ask for everyone’s cooperation.”

The crowd dispersed almost instantly…

Due to the death of the unfamiliar woman, what was originally a grand birthday party had now turned into a bizarre murder case.

Several female artists began to discuss quietly…

“Did Zhao Qingya’s younger sister come here to avenge her?”

“Why would she risk her own life though? It’s horrendous! Plus, Zhao Qingya was a disgusting woman. President Su was right in letting her go. What’s there to avenge?”

“Why was she naked? Maybe something happened in the bedroom?”

Most of the guests left after the incident…

A few of Su Yu’s close friends stayed behind for the latest developments.

Gao Ran and the members of the Major Crimes Unit conducted a thorough search of the crime scene.

The group of people waited outside for more than an hour.

Afterward, Gao Ran came down with his unit and walked directly towards Su Yu. With a heavy tone, he said, “Young Master Su, we found a large amount of meth and cocaine in your room. We also found the murder weapon and the victim’s clothes in there. Because she fell from your bedroom, we suspect that you are involved. Please come with us for further investigation.”

“What?! Are you kidding me, Captain Gao?” Tang Chuan was livid.

How could this incident be connected to Su Yu? How was this possible? Why would Su Yu push a stranger out the window of his own building?

“Captain Gao, I didn’t even enter my bedroom. Even if she did die in there, I’m not the one to blame.”

Staring at Su Yu’s face, Gao Ran said, “From the surveillance videos, you were absent from 8:00 PM to 8:20 PM.”

“I…?” Su Yu was truly speechless because during that time, he climbed the wall to see Huo Mian.

He even told his assistant to tell anyone who asked that he was resting in his bedroom.

He felt like someone had tricked him. How could the timing be so accurate?

“Where were you during that time?” Gao Ran interrogated.

“Say something, Su Yu. Don’t worry, we’re all behind you,” Tang Chuan encouraged.

They were sure that Su Yu wasn’t in the bedroom. They were even more sure that Su Yu would never do drugs, especially with an unfamiliar woman.

“Were you actually in the bedroom?” Jiang Xiaowei asked Su Yu with furrowed brows.

“No. I didn’t go into the bedroom,” Su Yu denied.

“Then tell me, where you were and who you were with. If you give us a witness, we can investigate,” Gao Ran continued.

Su Yu looked down, completely unsure of what to do…

If he didn’t give an explanation, he would be in a lot of trouble, and be seen as a murderer. If he did give an explanation, what would happen to Huo Mian’s reputation…

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