My Youth Began With Him Chapter 945

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“I have.” Huo Mian’s reply was simple.

“You seem to be in quite a pickle do you want to come back and stay for a few days?” Huo Siqian asked.

“Why do you seem so happy that something’s up What’s it to you?” Huo Mian asked in response.

“Haha you’re overthinking things, Mian. I’m just worried about it That’s why I was asking. Do you need help with anything?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m fine.”

“Okay then. Oh right, come to the corporation some time. The old man is redrafting his inheritance.”


Huo Mian was never afraid of being slandered by Mrs. Qin; she knew how much the latter disliked her.

However, Song Yishi’s proof of innocence combined with this libel sank her into confusion.

Was Huo Siqian behind all this, or was it Song Yishi?

Or were they working together? The more Huo Mian thought about it, the more muddled she became

– The Qin Manor –

As usual, Song Yishi drove to the Qin Manor in the morning with a bunch of fresh flowers and fruit.

It had become a habit of hers; even the maid treated her as a part of their family.

“Don’t put the lilies in the bedroom, just leave them in the living room. The scent of lilies aren’t good for the human body, it makes people dizzy”

“Okay, Miss Song.”

“Oh, right, remember to wash the strawberries a couple of times before soaking it in saltwater for half an hour. Or else the pesticides won’t wash off.”

“Okay, Miss Song.”

“Oh, and remember to put less salt when you make dinner. It’s okay if the taste is a little bland, it’s better for their health that way. Mr. and Mrs. Qin are at an age where they are easily exposed to chronic diseases, I don’t want anything happening to them.”

“Okay, Miss Song.”

Song Yishi diligently reminded the maid of these day-to-day things.

Mrs. Qin was extremely satisfied with this future daughter-in-law of hers. She complained to Qin Yumin, “It’s all your fault, you shouldn’t have made a bet with our son. Nothing that followed would’ve happened if you just made him marry Yishi.”

“We have no control over this, Chu chose Huo Mian himself.”

Qin Yumin also liked Song Yishi, because he had been close friends with Mayor Song and his family for years.

Plus, Song Yishi was a good girl

However, he didn’t dislike Huo Mian either. After all, his son chose this woman. As his father, Qin Yumin didn’t want to overly interfere with their marriage. Too bad his wife didn’t think the same way.

“Yishi, stop tiring yourself out. Come and sit,” Mrs. Qin called out passionately.

Song Yishi was wearing a light-brown Valentino dress, paired with leather booties. She looked elegant.

“Mrs. Qin I bought some winter melon today and was thinking about making you guys winter melon lamb stew for lunch. My mom said that my cooking skills have gotten a lot better.”

“Okay, I’m looking forward to it Oh, right, you should call Chu and ask him to come home for lunch.” Mrs. Qin wanted Song Yishi to give Qin Chu a call.

“I shouldn’t a lot of things are going on at the company, so we shouldn’t disturb him.”

“You child, you’re too considerate of him my heart aches for you,” Mrs. Qin said as she held Song Yishi’s hand.

Song Yishi smiled

“Did you see that post? What did our family do to deserve this? Ever since that woman married into our family, we’ve been living in constant chaos The family is all over the place Most importantly, Chu isn’t willing to reflect on himself he’s fallen so hard for that woman. Look at all the accusations in this post. A woman who calculates this much is truly scary Yishi, what do you think?” Mrs. Qin took out her tablet and opened up the forum to show to Song Yishi.

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