Myriad Realms Grand Manager With A God Class Systemrevised Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Chapter 167: There is only one!

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The stronger the bloodline, the more it suppresses the carrier without activation.

However, Sacred blood is such a rare and precious thing, it is no exaggeration to say that it is as rare as the Pheonix feather.

More importantly, the species possessing the sacred blood are extremely powerful.

Why would they use their own essence and blood, to give you Sacred blood?

This is why this rising dragon pill is especially precious.

"Manager, here are your six hundred spirit crystals."

Lan Qing'er placed six magic cores of brave level on the counter, then quickly snatched the Rising Dragon Pill from Qi Le's hands, afraid that Qi Le would raise the price of the Rising Dragon Pill.

Looking at the store, there was no such medicine on the shelves.

Lan Qing'er could guess that this pill might be really rare.

Because, even if it was a pill that can permanently increase the consumer's attributes, Qi Le will just casually put it on the shelf, but the Rising Dragon Pill has been kept on the counter.

"Store manager, is there only one rising dragon Pill?" little Ya who stood right next to Lan Qing'er asked out loud.

Although the effect of activating the hidden bloodline is useless for most people with no hidden bloodline.

However, the effects of permanently increasing all attributes without any rank or class requirements, still makes rare Rising Dragon Pill a rare god pill.

It can easily make countless people ready to take out the six hundred spirit crystals and queue in front of the shop.

Qi Le put away the six magic cores into the collection box before affirmatively saying: "Yes, there is only one."

Fei Xue, who had picked up her new armor, walked over.

She squinted her eyes, taking a stern look at Qi Le, and smiled lightly before saying "I didn't expect the store manager to become so much stronger in just a few days."

"You are praising me too much." Qi Le said earnestly.

No matter how strong he might get, it didn't really matter to him.

As, Qi Le only wanted to run this store peacefully, live a comfortable life, and wait for death to come.

"After selecting the equipment and medicines, go to the combat strength promotion room to practice." Lan Ye quickly replaced her armor set and reached the counter.

Qi Le glanced at Lan Ye, slightly surprised.

How could there be enough time to go to the combat strength promotion room, at a time like this?

However, he quickly recovered from that surprise and didn't display it after that.

Lan Ye seemed to have noticed Qi Le's surprised look, and she was a bit shocked that Qi Le was actually surprised, thus she clarified it aloud. "Ordinary monsters can be left to city guards."


Compared to city guards, the Orchid Leaf Mercenary undoubtedly belongs to an advanced combat force.

Qi Le did not say a word, quietly waiting for Lan Ye to settle the bill.

'Last night, I didn't get any sleep. I should wait for them to go to the combat Strength Promotion Room and go sleep myself.'

"Huh--! You are here too, it seems that you were also affected by the beast tide last night." Before Qi Le could have finished thinking about it, a hearty laugh came from the outside of the store.

Before the laughter died down, Hu Shou walked into the store.

The initially intimidating refined chain Armor had become tattered, bloodstains still on his body and his face.

"Were you also in the Cloud Forest last night?" Lan Ye who stood in front of the counter, glanced at Hu Shou.

"I was just trying to get some more magic cores before the main tide of the beasts arrived. After all, the things in this store are not cheap at all." Hu Shou smiled and wiped the solidified blood on his face.

While a healing pill can heal wounds, it won't magically wash away your bloodstains.

Lan Ye and the others didn't have a lot of bloodstains on them, so they presumably washed up before coming to the Qi Le's Store.

Qi Le listened to the conversation between the two and stood there without speaking.

Who knows if he interferes, these two people might ask him for a discount together.


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