Mysterious Husbandperfect Wife Chapter 15

15 Bonus Scene

"I'm home! " Wenxin shouted as she walks into the living room. "Hmm" a deep and calm voice sounded out.

Wenxin suddenly froze. Today wasn't suppose to be the day it that he... " You don't welcome me? " The deep voice asked as of he was teasing her. Haha...of course not dear...i won't dare. "of course not master! Haha take a seat. Take a seat. I will get you a drink. " Wenxin immediately wanted to get out of the room. Far away from this abnormal person! who would take advantage of their wife when they are drunk?! And not to mentioned, pound her so hard till her back ache!

Wenxin rubbed her back in pity, She must be more careful now! *slips into kitchen* Xavier on the other hand was very amused by his wife's action. Maybe next time he shouldn't be so hard on her? Noted.

After getting the tea, Wenxin sat far away from Xavier as she nervously slips her tea. But soon nanny rong broke the silence. " Sorry master, sorry miss! We are currently cleaning so we would like you to take off your shoes and wear slippers please! " nanny rong respectfully pleaded as she show two couple slippers. Looking at the slippers Xavier kept quiet for a while before nodding his head and stood up so that the maid could change his shoes.

Seeing that the husband have stood up obviously the wife must follow suit thus Wenxin stood up too awkwardly as the maid changed her mid heel leather loafers. Immediately after she changed her shoes Xavier noticed something and frowned. He never noticed his wife was umm... only 160cm+?

"Nanny rong how tall is she? " Xavier asked. immediately Wenxin looked up at him innocently and pure. Wenxin had a rather white milky cheeks and with that adorable look anyone could melt. She was just like a child lost in thoughts. Due to the fact that before Wenxin took off her heels she was only a head or less shorter than Xavier but now, she was only at his chest making her look small and vulnerable.

"163 CM, sir,"And without thinking, Xavier reached out and started petting her head which was followed by putting her on his lap and continuing to pet her for an hour or more. Obviously pleased and even after that he ordered nanny rong to make sure that once Wenxin reach, she wear her slippers and he even ordered a few customised couple slippers. And from then on, almost every few weeks there will be two new pair of slippers.
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