Mysterious Husbandperfect Wife Chapter 17

17 Mr Han Is Angry 5

Once wenxin and the rest were gone, the smile and tenderness on Xavier's face were completely drained as the chilling, stoic and implacable face returned. The room temperature immediately dropped and Mr Tang immediately shooked violently. Because he knew in such a long time the Han family have never waver in the business world. Maybe the Han family before this young master before him took over didn't seem too significant, but it was exactly because of this over centuries imperial business that keeps the economy running. He would even dare to say that if not for the Han family, the upper realm's economy can't survive either.

But for such a big family to survive for centuries was because of one moral, never show mercy to enemies! those who offended them big-time was never seen alive not more than a week after their mistake. Even servant of the family has the utmost treatment, surely the empire that the Hans have built over the years was enough to crush any business market right now in seconds! Shaking vigorously, Mr Tang dare not imagine his consequences.

"Mr Tang, am I that scary?" Mr Han asked unmovingly as he rubs the pure sable fur on his coat. Maybe he had a chance to survive this! After all, maybe Mr Han saw his eldest daughter before, he must have noticed tian mei at the ball! With his daughter's outstanding talent and aura, accompanied by her bewitching charms, no man can stand her charms! Not even that bastard Han! HA! With those little charms and that gu wenxin want to challenge my daughter? Gu wenxin I would like to see how tian mei slowly take your man's heart. Then, you will understand what hell means! Thinking that Mr Han is actually for marriage with his daughter, Mr Tang stood up arrogantly.

"Mr Han we all know that you have set your eyes on my eldest daughter, no worries I will not stand in the way of young lovebirds but of course as you can see. Your mistress has set her insidious mind on framing my youngest daughter and if your future sister-in-law has a bad reputation due to your mistress. It won't be good for both of us, right? Thus, I suggest you hand over your mistress and we solve it underhand. It's the best choice." As Mr Tang said that, he narrowed his shrewd eyes and rubbed his hands in excitement. Just as he said that the tension in the room immediately intensifies. The bodyguards all retreat in fear, as demons they all knew that their boss is not in the same range as them. The only reason why they are hired was due to the fact their boss is a clean freak. Hiring them was just not to dirty his hands.

"Marriage with your daughter?" Xavier questioned this moron. Who does he think his daughter is? That she is enough for wenxin? Truth to be told he only knew tian ying looked like due to checking her information when coming over, but his elder daughter? He doesn't even remember her!

Seeing that Mr Han is replying to him, Mr Tang got excited. So this little bastard still can't hold against his daughter's charm. Although it is not uncommon but when it comes to the Han Bastards, Mr Tang still felt proud. After all the Han family is a big fish! The Han family information is so well kept that no one really knows the young master Han real name! It was rumoured that even his face was just another facade! Thinking about how outstanding his daughter was, Mr Tang became even more arrogant. "Of course the marriage will benefit both the politic and you. I am sure my daughter must have left you dazzled Mr Han. Just rest assured my daughter QI is very talented as well. Her familiar is the very few rose type. Only a few or none appear every year! My tian mei even got admitted to the Lucia Francesco academy!" Hearing that name Xavier was a bit surprised. Even though cultivation ability can improve by generation but there is no way that a daughter of this useless moron here can have that big of an improvement to get into Lucia Franceso academy. And he was pretty sure the headmaster there was that guy and he isn't those underdogs. There is no way a child of the bastard can be that good.

Xavier swept out his phone and easily hacked into the school information account in a few taps. The bodyguards by the side were speechless. Even though the headmaster LF academy is Kyon but that was still an academy and Kyon master took days to set the security lock so why is their master so heartlessly breaking into Kyon master's school account? What if he let a virus in? Kyon master will come crying to them again and they have to set up a new system wall again!

While the bodyguards winced at their misfortune Mr Tang was standing there, still arrogantly. Although he doesn't look like an arrogant businessman but rather a... bloody piece of shit. After a few swipes, Xavier found tang tian mei. To his surprise, Tang Tian Mei got into the school as an outstanding student and every test she took was also an almost perfection! Maybe to everyone, Tang Tian Mei is an outstanding gorgeous woman, a girl that every man will go crazy for but to Xavier. He didn't get what's so good about her. Only an A+ for the total not even close to a S. The features? Wenxin's looks much better, the figure too. With one look, he could tell that Tang Tian Mei went through some surgery to boost her looks. But once everything was pushed to the limits there will be loopholes as for rose type familiar will only succeed in healing but fighting? Ha! Who were they trying to fool? PFFT. This type of trash and this moron here still dare to mention her?

How dare this moron compare that trash to his precious! Suddenly the atmosphere in the room became very heavy. Not wanting their guts to be crushed, the bodyguards set up a layer of QI. Only Mr Tang did not realise what was going on. "Ah... the room's a bit tight, I feel suffocated, Mr Han please pardon me and let me go out to take a-" before he could finish, Mr Tang suddenly couldn't move. It was if a ton of weight was set on him and he couldn't move at all! "AA....*GASP*...AHH" Mr Tang immediately collapsed onto the floor gasping for air.
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