Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 4 Chapter 164

Volume 4: Volume 4 Chapter 164 Mana Condenser

While Natash was furiously tapping away at the terminal to buy all the items, Shiro only casually browsed through them to see if she could buy anything.

'Daggers, spell tomes, research papers, disguise orbs, talismans…' She thought whilst scrolling past the rapid discount page.

"You're not going to buy anything?" Natash asked whilst keeping her eyes on the terminal.

"Nah I'm good. Not much I can buy." Shiro shrugged since she's already got everything she needed on her.

"Well just keep an eye out in case you find something worthwhile. This is a rare moment and you should buy stuff even if you don't need it." Natash suggested.

Nodding her head, Shiro didn't reject the notion since it was correct. However, in a high level city like this, her current balance of 800 million can only do so much.

'Hmm… the money is getting quite out of hand. I should probably start converting them down to Erin.' She thought to herself. Erin was the currency that Nan Tian had informed her about. But even then, she would need to get 1 billion USD before she could even convert it into a single bronze Erin.

And yet, her debt of the rebirth pill totalled up to 5 large silver Erins, 50 trillion in other words.

As the rapid discount slowly reached the end, Shiro had a bored face on since she didn't need any of the items.

Even the weapons that had skills didn't intrigue her at all since she had recycled low level weapons with percentage increase base skills. This allowed her to create weapons with those skills at anytime. Not to mention, it was common knowledge that percentage based skills are more important than numerical bonuses.

"The hell! Why would they sell this?!" Shiro cried out in shock as the item completely took her off guard.

[Executioner's Requiem – Purple Augment]

Illusion Augment

While there were no more details surrounding the item, Shiro understood the horrendous potential it contained.

The Executioner's Requiem is an illusion augment that synergises massively with sound based illusion skills. It will confuse the opponent whilst also increasing the users overall stats to make it easier for them to kill the victim.

However, while the power is great, the backlash is just as severe. It would cause hallucinations to the user which would slowly hypnotise them and turn them into a bloodthirsty battle maniac.

When used by a high level adventurer, this item could cause mass destruction since the user would not care about the damage inflicted onto themselves. The only thing on their mind would be to kill everything. The Executioner's Requiem was currently a purple item but would slowly evolve into a Red Grade item.

Everyone in her old world knew about the Executioner's Requiem after the tragedy that befell a large city. Due to the nature of the item, hardly anyone could resist against the illusions and were completely subjected to its power. It was only after the hero's party was dispatched did the menace finally die and the item was subsequently destroyed.

Naturally, she was a part of that party and knew how much of a pain it was to fight against it. From that point on, a new classification of items was created for equipment with similar effects to the Executioner's Requiem. They were known by the classification of Corrupted Relics.

"What's wrong? You want an item?" Natash asked, shocked by her sudden outburst.

"Well half and half." Shiro frowned.

"This item, are you able to buy it for me and I'll owe you the money?" Shiro asked. The item costs 5 billion right now and she wasn't about to let it fall into someone's hands. Especially since this was a high level city and her party were training here.

"Sure. Don't worry about the money since it's part of the budget given by the main guild." Natash smiled and pressed buy. However, she was a little late and the item was taken by someone else.

Shiro frowned and flexed her fingers. A string of nanobots entered the terminal and wanted to edit the information.

But before she could make any corrected, red strings suddenly appeared in the terminal and started to survey the area.


Quickly retracting her bots, Shiro avoided the detection of a high level hacker that was protecting the system information.

While she was sure that she could defeat him, she knew that she would be discovered quickly should that happen and that was not what she wanted.

"Ah I wasn't able to get it in time. Sorry, I should have given you a spare account to buy stuff." Natash apologised.

"Ah no worries." Shiro waved her hand.

The only thing she could do now was to keep an eye out and see if she could kill the user before the backlash took over the buyer.

'Tsk, annoying.' She thought.

With the danger of the Executioner's Requiem causing mass damage in the city, Shiro had to make sure to keep an eye out for the safety of the party.

However, now that Shiro knew items like the Executioner's Requiem could be sold, she grabbed the spare account that Natash gave her and made sure to keep an eye out for other items. Fortunately, there wasn't any more items like the Executioner's Requiem.

'That makes my job easier I suppose.' Shiro thought to herself. If all she had to do was to keep an eye out for a single item, she could spare the time to do other things such as missions or developing new skills.

After the rapid discount finished, Natash had a satisfied smile on her face and collected all of her items.

Shiro tried to see if she could find the buyer for the Executioner's Requiem but could only sigh. Trying to find one person in a sea of people that are all redeeming items was a little hard even for her.

'It should be fine. The effects of Executioner's Requiem is obvious and I should be able to find them.' She thought with a sigh.

'It's only the first day and I see a pain in the ass item like this. Tsk, what a pain.'

Returning to the main tower, Shiro and Natash said goodbye to each other and returned to their rooms.

Locking the door, Shiro grinned since she had something she wanted to try out.

"Since the room is flooded with mana, and this princess is a monster, it naturally means I can eat my room in the most literal way." She chuckled.

Setting down Yin in the table, Shiro looked for where mana was most abundant and sat down.

Crossing her legs, she started to drink the mana out of the air. Feeling her hunger diminishing slightly, Shiro smiled seeing this work.

'Though I'm not sure how much EXP this would award me.'

Stopping her actions, Shiro had another idea and pressed her palms on the ground. Since this was her own training room, they wouldn't bother her.

Metal and lightning sparked rampantly around the room as it converged into a turbine of sorts. Naturally it was a miniature one.

Connected to the turbine was a compartment that looked like a 3d printer.

[Mana Condenser]

A device that will absorb the ambient mana in the atmosphere and condense it into a crystal.

While some may think that mana crystals and mana stones were the same, they are completely wrong. That is due to the fact that the mana stone loses a lot of its mana due to the mana being distributed throughout the monster's body. As for the mana crystal, it is a pure, untouched piece of condensed mana. Its effectiveness is definitely much better than a mana stone.

The only downside is the fact that it requires a lot of mana along with the fact that it takes a while to form. There had been several mana crystal farms in her old world but it took too much space due to how much mana was drained from the atmosphere.

If you had two mana condensers in close proximity, it would be useless since it would just be wasting the mana to make two half assed crystals.

Plus, the mana was too sparse in other cities for the condenser to take effect. If she had used it before, it would have taken weeks to months for a crystal to be formed.

"By the time I wake up, I should have a full mana crystal for breakfast. Maybe more depending on how much mana is in the air but since they have a formation, it should be more than enough." Shiro mused to herself.

She was about to change into some clothes that were more suitable for sleep but stopped to look at her current appearance.

Due to the glasses and the face mask, it was hard to see what she actually looked like but in another way, it was also attractive.

'Hmm… this look is quite alright. I might keep this for a while.' She thought to herself as she stored the outfit away and put on a nightgown.

Laying in bed, Shiro yawned lightly before glancing over at Yin who was an egg.

"Good night little Yin." Shiro smiled softly and fell asleep.

Waking up the next day, Shiro wore the same outfit as the previous day and checked out the condenser.

Within the chamber, she could see a neon blue and pink crystal that was in the form of a droplet. There was another droplet that was being formed but the size was much smaller.

Opening the chamber to remove the crystal, Shiro made sure to lock it back up so that there wouldn't be any gaps in the chamber.

Looking at the crystal droplet, she examined it just to be sure.

[Mana Crystal]

A pure condensed source of mana that is more potent than a mana crystal.

Current Potency:  Medium C rank

"Perfect." She muttered with a smile.

However, she wasn't going to eat it just yet since there was no way she could absorb the mana. She couldn't even eat a C ranked mana stone never mind a C ranked mana crystal that was even more potent than a mana stone.

Storing the mana stone in her inventory, Shiro grabbed her bag and placed Yin inside carefully.

Adjusting the glasses on her face, Shiro made her way to the bounty hall.

Shrinking her aura so that she not many would notice her, Shiro walked over to the missions that are suited for level 50's or above.

Her current identity was disguised as Sophie, a level 48 ice mage.

As for the faction members that did notice her, they were deeply intrigued by who she was since her aura made her feel like a mysterious scholar. Not only that, her appearance caused them to wonder deeply about what she looked like.

Some tried to reach out and talk to her but were dissuaded by her uninterested glance. It was as if they were nothing in her eyes.

However, there were still members who only became increasingly curious. Of course, Shiro only ignored them and stood in front of the bounty board that hosted level 50 bounties.

'Hmm… There are a bunch of missions to do with farming for materials that drop from a level 50 dungeon. I might take one of them for now since I need to level up to quickly.' Shiro thought.

Looking at the missions, she singled them out to three options that best suited her current situation.

[Collect 50 Ivory Jade Lilacs]

Destination: Jade Caverns (Level 50 dungeon)

Recommended for 5 member party's.

[Collect 25 Glacial Lotus]

Destination: Ice Spirit Hollows (Level 50 dungeon)

Recommended for 10 member party's.

[Collect 10 Ice King's Crown]

Destination: Ice King Aephium's Domain (Level 50 dungeon)

Recommended for 10 member party's.

'The first and second missions are mostly collection missions that require you to defend against the monsters while you harvest, the last one is just a pure farming missions that wants you to kill the ice king over and over again.' She thought whilst reading the mission description in more detail.

Naturally, Shiro would pick the one that only needed her to kill the ice king repeatedly. In her opinion, it was better than just sitting around looking for rare materials for hours on end.

As for the mission rewards, it was more resources under her name that would go to Lyrica and the others. Of course that was just the agreement between her and their faction leader.

For the mission reward itself, it was blacksmith commission tokens that will have the faction blacksmiths make a single item for you. The quality increases depending on how many tokens you have. Plus, she would also get a discount since the poster of the bounty was a blacksmith himself.

Taking the bounty chip, she pulled out her phone and registered it under her own faction account that Natash had given her during the trip through the city.

After registering the bounty, Shiro adjusted her glasses and left the bounty hall.

However, a group of three blocked her way which attracted the attention of the surrounding members.

"If it isn't too much trouble, can we borrow a little bit of your time?" One of them asked.

 He had short blond hair and blue eyes, a rather handsome face and a charming smile.

Feeling a few jealous stares from the crowd, Shiro couldn't help but roll her eyes.

'Does this miss look like I wanted to talk with this twat?' She thought.

Using Phantom Path, Shiro flicked past them with ease. Her hair fluttered behind her as it left them in shock. Even some of the C class members couldn't pick up her movements.

"Sorry, I'm busy." Shiro said, glancing back at them before walking off.

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