Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 244

Volume 5 Chapter 244 Faction Leader's Message

As they approached Vericia, Shiro narrowed her eyes at the Winter's Grace building and ignored the fact that everyone could see Yin.

Jumping off before they landed at the mount station, she landed softly while Lisandra and Yin dropped in behind her.

Discussions could be heard as they couldn't believe that Yin was the giant phoenix that they had seen earlier.

"Hmph!" Releasing a bit of her pressure like what Natash had done before, she forced the disciples to shut up and look away.

*Clack clack clack

Her footsteps rang out as she approached the main building. She could see Natash waiting by the door.

When she saw Shiro walking towards her with her two daughters following behind her, she gave her a small wave.

"You were quite fast, weren't you?" Natash smiled.

"Mn. Can you tell me who's coming and how they're related to Lyrica?" Shiro asked as her face was serious.

"Sure. But this isn't suitable for discussion. Let's talk inside." Natash nodded as her face lost all playfulness.

Sitting down in one of the private rooms, Shiro had Yin and Lisandra sit by the side while she talked with Natash.

"A week or so ago, we've received a notice from one of the elven royal families. The Valenstaine family.

"Apparently, it was no coincidence that your friend had the Valenstaine name as she is part of the royal family. However, from their tone, it seems like they were less than pleased at this fact." Natash said seriously, handing Shiro a few doc.u.ments.

"Hmm" Reading the doc.u.ments, Shiro narrowed her eyes.

"And you're telling me this with such urgency because?" She asked.

"Because I want to warn you and your friends to be careful. Since their tone suggest some hostility, you should be on guard in case they attack your friends. You know how royal families are. It's a place where they fight against each other with their lives on the line. Since you're my friend, this is the least I can do." Natash replied.

"Thank you." Shiro nodded.

From what she could tell from the doc.u.ments, it seemed like Lyrica was one of the youngest members of the royal family. She was sent to New York because she was incompetent but urgent matters came up in the family and required the presence of Lyrica.

However, their tone suggested that they felt Lyrica was more of an object than a person. One that they threw away when she had no use and one that they retrieved once she was needed.

"I suppose I'm needed on the day that they arrive?" She asked.

"Yes. I also received an order from the faction leader. She told me to pass this message onto you." Natash nodded and handed her an envelope that was sealed up by a magic circle.

Hearing Natash mention the faction leader, Shiro looked up in interest. Despite having searched for her information online, not much was known about the leader. Hardly anyone knew of her appearance as well.

Apparently, the current leader was the secret disciple of the old leader. When the old leader was summoned to participate in a large attack on the demon continent, she laid down the order that her disciple was going to be the next leader and that her words were to be followed without question.

In the first year that the new leader ascended, she had solved several large problems that had plagued the faction, earning her the trust of the elders across most branches. While some were still suspicious and had even wanted to stage a coup, they disappeared without warning.

Many knew that they had been dealt with but said nothing at all. After all, one wrong move and they could be next.

Once all the pests had disappeared from the faction, she continued to build up the faction's foundations, increasing the fame and resources the faction received.

On her third year of being the leader, she entered seclusion and would only help out with the most urgent matters. Her trusted aides helped her manage the faction and most requests came from the aides.

For the faction leader to give her a message, she was curious as to what she wanted to say.

"She told me that you should drip a droplet of your blood onto the magic circle and read the message in your own room." Natash informed and stood up.

"I still have matters to attend to so I'll leave for now. Take care." Natash smiled and left the room.

Looking at the letter, Shiro narrowed her eyes before storing it away.

"Let's go to my room." She said, turning to her two daughters.

"Say mum, can I eat the magic crystals that have gathered in the room?" Yin asked as her eyes glistened with joy.

"Go for it." Shiro nodded as she had no reason to reject her.

Returning back to her room, she sat down on a chair while Yin walked over to the mana condenser. Lisandra sat on the bed and started to meditate.

Biting her finger, she pressed it against the seal.


A light enveloped the room as Shiro quickly retreated in case of any traps.

As the light died down, she saw a letter on the table.

[If you are reading this, this means that you have passed the blood test and you're who I think you are. First of all, I don't know how you survived his attack but I'm relieved. I'm sorry for not being able to do much to help you back then but my hands were tied. Second, it seems like you have restarted your level but this time you're much more powerful than before. Unfortunately, your parents may not like the fact that you're still a mage despite being so powerful. You know how they are.

Anyhow, I'll keep your survival a secret for now. Get stronger quickly since your parents have been worried. Keep your head low and don't get that man's attention like you did before.

While you have changed your name to Shiro and had even dyed your hair, it's not that much different from your old name you know? Shiro is pretty much the opposite of Kuromi.

Hais, all his time and your naming sense is still pretty bad. Reminds me of your parents when they suggested to just name you Kuro.

Also, you picked up quite a strange habit. Asses. Really? I mean, I knew you had some weird obsessions but damn, didn't think you'd go from balls crushing to ass busting. You even got a new nickname of A*** Destroying Princess.

Sorry for rambling on for so long, I have quite a lot to talk to you but time is short and the situation doesn't allow that just yet.

As for your new friend Lyrica, I did a bit of research on her and her family for you since you might need it. You were always the sentimental type.

In regard to your friend, you should keep your eye on her if you care for her. The Valentine family were oddly quiet whenever someone asked about her. Quite suspicious if you ask me. They're also known for their ruthless actions so be careful.

I've compiled all of the intel I found about her on the next page.

Unfortunately, I'll have to end this letter here for now. You should know how to contact me right? When you reach B class, give me a call ok? But before that, don't contact me. I want to tell you why but it's a bit risky right now. I'll send you a map about how you can find me so we can have a good chat like old times.

Good luck and get stronger quickly. I miss you ya know?


Ps: How did you get so young? Tell me the secret next time okay?]

"She knows about the old host?" Shiro muttered in confusion. From what the letter had shown her, Yuki, or rather the faction leader, knew the person who this body belonged to. Not only that, she also knew her for a long time and even had connections to her parents.

'From this letter, it seems like this Yuki also knew about Kuromi's enemy.' Shiro thought to herself. A single letter was able to reveal quite a bit about her identity.

Shaking her head, she stored the letter away. She was in a passive situation where she could only wait for her letters and couldn't contact her. She said that she shouldn't contact her until she reached B class.

Understanding that she must have her reasons, especially since she stated that it was a bit risky, Shiro set it aside for now to look at the information Yuki gathered about Lyrica.

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