Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Book 5 Chapter 259

Volume 5 Chapter 259 Creating Puppets

Since they agreed on giving them some time to pack up, Shiro led the group out of the hall and had them retrieve their items.

"Yin, Lisandra, come with me." Shiro called out to the duo.

"What is it mum?"

"Take this and disassemble everything in the room." Shiro smiled and handed them small emblem.

"Ok." Lisandra nodded since she knew that Shiro was up to something.

Smiling at the fact that Lisandra didn't ask any questions, she urged them to head back to her room first.

Activating her Fae Illusions, she had a copy of her walk out of the faction building.

Hiding herself with all of the stealth skills she could apply onto a ring, she used rift walker and entered the room above the main hall.

Narrowing her eyes, she pressed her palm against the floor carefully and released a few strands of nanobots.

Making sure that they were as undetectable as possible, she controlled them mentally.

While she was trying to sneakily hide nanobots on their bodies, Morthil and Blythe had set up a formation so that no one could hear what they were talking about.

"Morthil, I'm disappointed by your actions today. Were you questioning my decision?" Blythe narrowed his eyes as his face was cold.

"No, but your highness! That Shiro woman isn't normal. She was able to stand against my pressure and remain calm. Her level is surely forged!" Morthil kneeled.

"I've already done my research. She is indeed a level 60 Element sage. When Winter's Grace recruited her as a guest elder, she was but a lowly D class adventurer who had shown up in New York. According to the records, she has amnesia and didn't know anything beforehand. There are records showing her first meeting with my sister along with the other members of her party.

"Only problem is that the girls named Lisandra and Yin have no records whatsoever. But, our records in Vericia aren't complete so it's no wonder. We can take our time with that. Plus, do you really think that she could make a move against a country? Even if she was valued by the faction, a faction would never go against a country." Blythe scoffed.

"But your highness, in this day and age, a single person at tier 4/5 could threaten a country. Should we not nip danger at the bud, it'll come to bite us back." Morthil warned.

"I'll take note of your consideration. However, we should not treat her badly. After all, where would you see such a beauty? Someone of her standards are not often seen." Blythe smiled.

Clenching his fists in annoyance, Morthil could only nod his head and agree.

'To think the prince of a country would be swayed by beauty over the people' He thought with annoyance but kept it in his heart.

Little did they know, a certain Sylph was listening in on their conversation.

'Hmm I'll need to keep my guard up around Morthil. He seems like one of those people that are extremely cautious. Since he's level 120, he's been through a fair share of trouble. As for Blythe, I'll pierce him when this is all over'

Flexing her fingers, the nanobots split apart and crawled on their clothes. Burying themselves in their accessories, the nanobots copied the mana signature so that it would not be discovered.

'I should also implant some nanobots on the guards. If I'm careful with what I'm doing, I should be able to convert them into robots that do my bidding.'

Unlike the prince and the tier 4 powerhouse, they won't be too worried if a few guards were to seem 'off'.

Swiping her finger, Shiro narrowed her eyes and had the nanobots crawl into their spine through the neck. All they will feel will be a little sting but the result is them slowly losing themselves.

With that done, she left the upper floor with a smile on her face.

"With this, I should have four level 100 puppets in due time. While their power will be reduced by quite a bit, they're still genuine level 100's." She muttered to herself.

Since the prince had his eyes on her, she couldn't do anything suspicious. Hence why she decided to control the level 100's as puppets.

Normally, she'd be against this since she liked to experience everything for herself but she had no choice right now.

Once she showed suspicious movements, it may put the whole party at risk.

"Ah speaking of which, I might be able to find some info out about Kuromi in the elven continent. If she could piss off a potential tier 5 entity, there will surely be some records. Hmm there's also her family. I still don't know where they live." Shiro muttered.

While she had no guilt in taking over Kuromi's corpse, she did feel pity for those that knew her.

Having someone you know and love living well would spark joy, but once they realise that the original host was dead, any reminder of the original host would only bring sorrow.

Shaking her head, she decided to cross that bridge when it arrived.


"So are we ready?" Blythe asked with a smile.

"Yes we are. We've already prepared everything." Shiro replied. She made sure to keep up appearances now that the prince was apparently interested in her. She needed to make sure that she didn't piss him off too soon.

"What about you girls, and guy?" She turned back to the party. Seeing that Chen Yu was technically in the party as he was joining them to the elven continent, she changed her sentence and added guy at the end.

"Mn, we're ready." Lyrica responded.

"Alright, follow me. We'll be using the mount that we arrived in." Blythe gestured for Morthil to lead the way.

As they made their way to the mount, Blythe would constantly try to talk to Shiro much to Lyrica's displeasure.

However, Shiro gave her a small glance and gestured her to be patient. With no other choice, Lyrica could only sigh and look away.

Both Morthil and Blythe noticed her movements and found it rather weird. But in the end, they didn't think more of it.

By the time they arrived at the mount, Shiro had learned quite a lot about the elven continent.

The continent was named after the first owner of a saintess class. Miriel the first elven sword saintess.

Located across the seas, the elven continent Miriel was a lot closer to the front lines when compared to where they were. It was dubbed the ruin continent since everything here was old and outdated. Even the monsters were too low levelled for the people near the front lines to even think about.

It was to be known that the ruined continent hosted a large majority of the countries on Earth. USA was an example of this.

However, there were some parts of Earth that had shifted to the new continents. Russia, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Philippines and Japan. These were just some of the countries that had shifted.

There were more but their names had either been changed due to the people living there or if a powerful group had occupied the location.

As time went on, higher tier people started to emerge, taking over countries and declaring it as their land. Since they were extremely powerful, none rejected this. Even the other high tier powerhouses were fine since a fight between the two would cause more harm than good.

The closest country to the elven continent was Japan. Home of the Assassin Hero, Minamoto Keiko who also lead one of the largest factions in the world. The rising sun faction.

Elven Continent, Miriel, on the left and Japan on the right. It was to be expected that there will be trades between the two as the Rising Sun faction has some influence over the elven continent.

After learning about this, Shiro was frowning in her mind since this makes everything more annoying. If they were to get entangled with one of the strongest factions in the world, then it would be putting oil on fire.

She had an idea of what she could have done in the elven continent but the fact that Japan was net to Miriel threw several abnormal variables into her plans.

'It seems like I should start focusing power distributions throughout the world along with factions that I should keep an eye on. At the rate we're growing, it's inevitable for us to tangle with them.' Shiro thought with a serious face.

"What's wrong?" Blythe asked as he realized that Shiro was frowning.

"Mn? Nothing. You should know that I had amnesia, so all of this is new information." Shiro replied with a smile.

"I understand. If you wish to know more, there is a royal library. While I can't say that it's the best in the world, it is definitely near the top in terms of prestige and you can find stuff that aren't even on the internet in there." Blythe chuckled.

"I will most definitely visit when I have time." Shiro smiled politely.

Soon, they arrived at the docking bay where all the mounts are located.

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