National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 Jealous

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Qin Mo froze. In that instant, all the warmth left his eyes.

This was the expression Movie Queen An saw the moment she walked in. She had assumed they were doing fine but the moment she caught sight of his expression, she knew something was wrong.

Qin Mo turned and stoop up, allowing his hair to drop over his forehead and shielding his expression.

Once they were out of the room, Movie Queen An asked, Son, is the injury serious?

No. As Qin Mo had never been a worrisome child, his voice was calm. Its just an old injury, I just need time to heal.

Movie Queen An knew her son well enough to know she wasnt going to get anything from him. It would be better to just ask Qinsaide-de-camp1.

Movie Queen An glanced back at the room, her voice lowered. Sister He found out about your relationship but she still hasnt accepted it yet. Its going to be difficult. You better take note of certain things, dont act willfully. Youll have to send Jiu back home when its time.

She assumed that the warning was enough since her son had always been well-mannered. Movie Queen An hadnt been expecting his refusal.

Its best for her to stay with me, he spoke calmly but she could clearly detect the chilliness in his words.

He never intended to allow her back home. That wasnt like him at all.

Movie Queen An glanced towards Qin Mo. He seemed out of sorts, his gaze wandering around without a focus. But in its depths was a chilliness that made her frown.

Bo Jiu was completely unaware of the misunderstanding that had unraveled.

But somehow, the words she had uttered unknowingly were discovered by the Almighty. It was probably due to her unease that staying in Jiang City has started to take a toll on Bo Jiu.

She noticed it as well, which was the reason she had moved out and onto campus.

Fortunately, she had a plan.

The sun started to set. At the beginning of July, the days wouldnt darken that quickly and thus the sun was still blazing at 5 pm.

Lin Feng took his identification on his way out. Somehow, when he saw his mother sitting on the coach, he couldnt ignore the guilt that was stirring within him. Probably because he was going to do something bad. More importantly, his godmother, Yun Hus mother, was also in his house and planning a gathering with his mother.

His mother suddenly asked, Yun Hu is leaving?

Mmh, Lin Feng replied. All the paperwork has been completed, he was just waiting for the competition to end and now that we are the champions, hell be able to leave in peace.

Poor Lin Feng, hes going to be left alone. Madam Lin chuckled. Which reminds me, this seems to be the first time they are apart.

They have been close since young, Im sure this distance wont affect their relationship. Ill have to change more money soon. Its less than a week before he leaves, theres still so much to prepare

He was going to leave in a week?

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