National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 426

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Someone as clever as Fu Jiu quickly realized what was happening.

Her heart thumped as two words appeared in her mind:It’s over.

She turned her head and met the Almighty’s eyes.

His pair of eyes were a little cold, but compared to the coldness, there was a deepness and something that Fu Jiu couldn’t tell.

She didn’t know how long the Almighty had been there.

He simply had his hands in his trouser pockets as he looked at her coldly and nobly. From the way he looked, it was definite that he had heard the conversation.

The situation was really awkward.

After all, no guest liked hearing the mother of their frienda manask if he liked him.

There was nothing to do with gender.

Moreover, the Almighty was so straight.

It was unlikely he could accept such a joke, but that was not important.

The point was that the Almighty didn’t hear the entire conversation. Her answer of “nope” really sounded quite hurtful.

Fu Jiu was worried that the Almighty might misunderstand, so she explained, “Bother Mo, the kind of like that my mother said was not the kind between friends. Don’t get me wrong. I was just testifying that I don’t have any presumptuous thoughts for you.”


Qin Mo’s voice sounded enigmatic; it was hard to tell if he was happy or angry.

He was cold and noble as usual, like cool grass and trees on a hazy day.

Fu Jiu nodded. In order to prove she was saying something true, she added, “Of course, how can I say dislike between friends?”

Upon hearing that, Qin Mo smiled, without any warmth in his eyes. But the less obvious feeling was hidden too deeply.

In order not to let He Honghua feel embarrassed, he reached his hand and dragged the youngster aside. “Since you are not needed here, walk me out.”

“You’re leaving?” Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows.You aren’t having tea anymore?

“I have a meeting tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu also thought it was not proper to continue the conversation in the present situation. It would be easier to chat tomorrow after the embarrassment was forgotten from having sleep.

Qin Mo did have a good upbringing. He didn’t forget to say goodbye to He Honghua even when he was leaving.

From the villa of the Fu Family to the gate, the two remained silent the entire way.

But just when Qin Mo sat in the car, looking at the youngster standing outside the window, there was a little coldness scattering in his eyes.

The pure black Hummer ignited its engine and did not go slow.

Soon, Qin Mo entered a military compound.

A call from Feng Yi had informed him that there was a silver lining with respect to the situation on the Internet. Now, there were more people supporting the Supreme Alliance.

“It’s all thanks to Yaoyao who was the first one to step forward and send a voice message to help. You know what? Sometimes, even doing the right thing needs someone to be the first. Little Spade’s kindness to the lass sure isn’t in vain. If not for their incompatible appearances, I would have believed that they were dating. There are many trending comments on Weibo regarding Supreme Alliance. Even the media has commented: Supreme Alliancenot only does the exquisiteness of esports pump people with zeal, but it is also infused with personal feelings. Youth is never about victory or defeat, but the companions by your side”

As he listened to Feng Yi, Qin Mo released his collar with a single hand. He turned his head and lit a cigarette, as he placed his arm across the sofa randomly. His fingers were playing with the silver limited version the Zippo lighter. His black hair looked disheveled.

In fact, his mind wasn’t on the phone call. He didn’t even know what Feng Yi was saying.

The reason was that there was a conversation on his mind.

“Mom, look at how far your thoughts have strayed. Brother Mo and I are just good friends.”

“Really? You don’t like him?”


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