National School Prince Is A Girl Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Sweeten It Up

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Smith was the first person to shake his head. No, it still doesnt make sense. I agree to the existence of the thief and that the victims insanity is linked to this thief who was following her, but you cant just turn a thief into a murderer. We need evidence. Everyone has seen the video, the victim was the only one in the room when everything happened and the victims laptop was the device that captured the video. Thereafter, the victim had set a timing for the video to be released on the internet so that it would only be found after she had died. She wanted to be remembered. If she hadnt killed herself, why else would she have filmed the video? From a psychological point of view, it was a deliberate suicide with a motive. She wanted the attention since she had felt wronged and that she was treated unjust. This is a more logical deduction. If she had been murdered, this video would never have appeared. Even if it had appeared, it would have been filmed in another angle, from a secret location the murderer had specifically picked out. But in contrast, the filming had been done by the victim herself. She opened the laptop. Other than her, there wasnt anyone else in the scene who could have done it.

Qin Mos finger tapped the side of his thigh, his actions giving off the illusion of a commander of an interstellar ship, cold, handsome, and very out of reach.

He glanced at Smith and seemed to be smiling, but there wasnt a hint of warmth in his eyes as he continued to explain in a slow pace. Who said you have to be present to film from a laptop?

Smith wasnt an ordinary person and had handled multiple cases. Even though he hasnt caught Z, he still possessed a certain amount of common sense in this area.

Hence, when Qin Mo asked this questions, his entire face sank. You mean

Someone was controlling from afar. There still wasnt much emotion in his voice.

When he spoke, the youngster had already switched over to the main page.

With that, everyone in the crowd could see the change which was happening.

The victims laptop had been hacked. There are traces of damage in the firewall. This can be verified easily if the change in the statistics is sent to the special forces for a test. That night, someone had infiltrated the victims network and had switched on the victims laptop camera using a far-range controlling tactic. That very person also made sure to schedule a time for the video to be automatically uploaded online.

In that instant, Smith was stumped the crowd went into an uproar.

A suicide had just turned into a murder case and with such unorthodox methods. The reporters wouldnt just stay in their seats since such a crime tactic was worthy of a big news.

Stalking, swapping medication, and filming the victim. Using such methods.

It explained the victims unease and her mentally unsound actions as she must have felt something, but couldnt confirm where it was coming from.

Smith watched as the general consensus started to shift, but still felt like something was amiss. What is the motive behind the murderers actions? If he had used such a complex method as you have mentioned, he definitely isnt someone ordinary. But I cannot understand why a syndicate would spend so much effort on such an ordinary being. It just doesnt make sense.

Mr Smith, you seem to have forgotten, Qin Mo replied with deliberate slowness. You have a case just like that. The perpetrator had never cared about his victims background or social standing and for both cases, there is a similarity, which is the use of the internet. You should be familiar with the name of this case, the Maidens Sacrifice. It was a thoroughly planned serial case.

When the name the Maidens Sacrifice was heard, Smith bolted upright. That is impossible!

Show him the evidence. Qin Mo glanced up. With the police uniform, he looked dignified and respectable while looking like a gentleman.

The reporters finally had a good look at his face and saw that beneath his police cap was a perfectly defined jaw. This wasnt anyone else, it was the young master of the Qin family.

With that, the crowd blew into yet another frenzy.

While the Almighty had his attention elsewhere, Bo Jiu went straight to work, her fingers flying across the keyboard as she infiltrated the website she had found previously.

This time, she used a tactic worthy of the Young Master of the Hacker World as it was unlike what the hackers were doing.

In reality, the opponent wouldnt stand a chance at an attack by Z.

She infiltrated the system mercilessly before retreating. There werent many hackers in the world who could master that perfectly.

Once someone had noticed something, Bo Jiu would have already gotten control of the systems workings.

The most striking parts were the images of the victims paths, several videos, and the comment section, which left readers feeling the chilliness of humanity.

What syndicate was it? Why would they participate in such games? What were they thinking? They took a stab at life and had done so with such joy. Hadnt they thought about how their parents would feel if they were aware of their doings?

Some of them were just ordinary working class adults who were facing troubles while some had lost interest in life.

The remaining few were those who were purely evil, the sort of people who blamed others after they inflicted harm. If they hadnt succeeded, they would head over to the site to spread their negativity.

Of course, there were those who hadnt been treated fairly as well.

Regardless, they were gradually being moulded into their current state that they wouldnt think much about the state they were in.

Little did they know that such an existence were more frightening than demons.

Bo Jius face was shielded by the laptop, but her voice could be heard, carrying a natural narrative effect. Those that commented regularly are extremely dangerous.

It wasnt because they would commit suicide because only those who couldnt seek justice might commit suicide from the immense pressure they were faced with.

It was because they would grow increasingly violent.

They didnt have a bottom line and as time went by, they would grow increasingly aggressive while losing the ability to differentiate right and wrong, blaming others even after they had inflicted harm.

They would snatch what belonged to others and take it as their own, all while believing there were deserving of the attention they received.

It was a horrifying mindset and a disease which seeped into their hearts.

Some people who didnt have a clear idea of right and wrong would join them That was the Maidens Sacrifice.

Indeed, they werent looking for a mass murder and those victims werent the foreplay.

Instead, they wanted to use this mindset to cultivate people without a bottomline so that they could help accomplish their murders.

When Smith caught sight of the contents on the website, his face fell. It was indeed the Maidens Sacrifice, the case he had been assisting in.

The Maidens Sacrifice was frightening because of the lack of focus, it was a thought buried in a persons heart. No one would know when that thought would sprout and wreck havoc.

The use of the internet made investigation extremely difficult.

Besides, Smith suspected they had used an overseas ID which was how they were able to avoid being traced by many departments.

He strongly believed that he was the only one who could expose the culprit.

He hadnt expected to have completely missed out on the Maidens Sacrifice which had unravelled in front of his eyes. Instead, Qin Mo was the one who had found that out This was a hard slap across his face!

He couldnt face being called an expert in the field of criminal psychology.

When the lens turned in his direction, Smiths face turned green.

A reporter stood up. You reported the case without hiding any facts. What if this results in a negative impact? This case is already filled with so much negativity after all.

Negativity? Qin Mo replied in an even mannered tone. It might. However, if reporting the case without hiding any facts is the only way to seek justice for the victim, why should it stop us? There are many issues in our country and just because it isnt talked about, it doesnt mean it isnt there. Instead, talking about it might bring about more trouble, but so what? The difference between humans and animals is the belief that is ingrained deep in our hearts. We strive to be better people even when we are faced by an obstacle that cant be overcome. We have to learn to accept that stain because justice is waiting for us. We need to understand that there are good people in this world just as there are bad ones and gray ones that walk between the fine line. We might not be the most righteous person, but we will not violate the rights of others or inflict harm on them. While we learn to respect and love ourselves, we also have to treat others with the same amount of respect. The wait for justice may be tough. It may be dark as well, but they have never given up. Even at this point, there is still a group that supports the victim waiting outside the station. I believe that is the message we have to deliver. With that, Qin Mo raised his brow. If redressing a victims grievances is considered negative, I suspect our morals and principles are not on the same page.

That last sentence perfectly ended the reporters questioning.

In that moment, Bo Jiu paused to look at the tall imposing figure who stood in the middle of the stage.

This was probably the difference in Chinese soldiers that regardless of the situation, they would always stand upright and firm like a strong, white poplar tree amidst the storm.

The Almighty believed in the matters she took to heart. Nothing else could warm their hearts more than the chemistry between them.

Qin Mo wore his police cap and looked straight into the lens, his tone strong and firm. It is time to give the victim the justice she deserves. Both the murderer and the person who stole her dreams should be given their due punishment.

When this scene flashed across the television screens, a middle-aged woman in her fifties had been watching through the clear glass windows of a convenience store. In that moment, tears started streaming down her face.

A few of the sisters nearby hurried over to grab her. Auntie, there will be a way, we will find a way.

The middle-aged woman shook her head, signaling for them to look at the television screen.

The police officer had a perfectly shaped face. He wore a police cap and the badge, which was bright and clear. But none of this could take away the depth in his eyes.

He said, It is time to give the victim the justice she deserves. Both the murderer and the person who stole her dreams should be given their due punishment.

When they heard the last line, the girls first reaction wasnt to burst into tears of joy.

Instead, they asked the person at the side. Is this piece of news real?

It was only when the store owner nodded that they finally react, embracing each other happily before they started to tear up one after the other.

It was a soft and deep cry as though they had been suppressing it for the longest time. It seemed to finally release that knot within them.

Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang, and Uncle Yin stood by their side. In a short span of thirty minutes, they had witnessed their fatigue and exhaustion, but yet, their resolve remained unwavering.

They could finally unload the heavy burden.

Cap-captain is the best. Baby Feng tilted his head to the side, unwilling to admit the redness in his eyes.

Yin Wuyao remained quiet. He had caught the fleeting sight of a certain figure, the one holding onto the laptop. Even though their captain, who was dressed in a police uniform, had taken a large majority of the attention, he could still catch Little Captain with his head full of silver hair and those rapid fingers which flew across the keyboard.

Little Captain had indeed intercepted in this case

Even so, Li Xue didnt think much of it because her family specially arranged for someone to fight the lawsuit. She could always come out and apologize with gifts again. Besides, she still had people on her side.

However, Li Xue wasnt aware that after Bo Jiu had left the station, the first thing she did was transfer a sum of money to the group of girls and the recording of Li Xue from before, which also included incriminating evidence from the thorn-head youngster.

I hope you girls will win the case.

This was probably the only case Bo Jiu hadnt resolved using the internet because there were people worthy of being allocated the case.

Smith was thoroughly defeated. He had wanted to abolish Qin Mos authority, but none of it had worked out.

Li Xues outcome wouldnt be finalized so quickly since the process needed time.

However, this case had enlightened some who decided they no longer wanted to be an accomplice. Even though they might be young, they still possessed the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

After the matter was settled, Bo Jiu received a call from Sister Turtle.

Her body has been cremated. She left in peace. Even though Auntie may still be mourning, there is something else brewing in her eyes. The girls have been doing some calculations and you have given way too much. They will donate the leftover money to original writers who wish to seek justice for writings that have been plagiarized. We really want to thank you, Big Spade.

She helped me before in the past, Bo Jiu replied abruptly. I found out recently. so you dont have to thank me, Im just repaying her for her kindness.

Sister Turtle chuckled lightly as she watched the smiling photo of her good friend. I decided to pick up my pen again, Im going to turn this experience into a story. What do you think?

Bo Jiu wasnt a writer by any means, but after a seconds thought, she agreed. That isnt bad.

You will be the main lead.


Hahaha, my Big Spade is adorable!

With that, she hung up, leaving Bo Jiu in a stunned state.

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. Whats the situation?

Some fans are releasing a book on my behalf with me as the main lead, Bo Jiu replied, still in a daze from before.

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster. Doesnt the official site already have one?

There is one on the official site?Why wasnt she aware?

Qin Mo chuckled. He held onto the steering wheel single handedly, turning it to the side. Its about a competition between the both of us

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